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Sep 3, 2011 07:33 AM

Latin Grill in Clayton

Has anyone been to the Latin Grill in Clayton?

Just opened two weeks ago according to Andrea Weigl in the N&O - "Latin Grill now open in Clayton
Brothers Eddy and Galo Andrade recently opened the Latin Grill in Clayton. The 49-seat restaurant serves Portuguese and Argentinian food, including grilled steaks, ribs and chicken. It opens for lunch and dinner every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant is at 876 Gulley Drive, off U.S. 70 in Clayton."

We are big fans of Portuguese food and hope to get there soon.

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  1. I would give this place 5 stars but after all it was my first visit there. We were there on a recent Saturday night with a party of six. Despite our large party in this small restaurant the service was outstanding. The menu is mainly chicken, steak and pork with flavors of Ecuador, Argentina and Portugal due to the owners and chefs. The portions are large especially the combo dishes so to be prepared to share. This place is a nice addition to the Clayton restaurant scene. Dinner for two with appetizer , entree and desert will run $38 or so. This place is tucked away in the small shopping center behind the only Starbucks in Clayton off Hwy 70 .

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      Re: Ecuador

      If someone could tell me if they have llapingachos, that would be great.

      1. re: Naco

        Are there more like pupusas made with potato instead of corn or more like a knish?

        1. re: boaviagem

          I've never had a knish, so I can't make a comparison there. Checking online, it appears to be rather different, with a potato filling.

          Llapingachos are potato cakes filled with cheese or cheese and meat. I guess you could say it's broadly similar to a pupusa, but the taste difference between corn and potato is so great that I find it hard to make a comparison. From pictures of the Jewish and Eastern European potato pancakes I've seen online(again, no personal experience there) I would say they are more like a pupusa in terms of size and thickness than a latke or similar.

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        Thanks for the review. I need to got to Clayton for lunch or dinner.

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          I am always concerned when a new reviewer gives such a glowing review with no prior history of posted reviews on chowhound. What makes this even more interesting is that they did the exact same thing on Ubanspoon. As interesting as the place sounds I think that I will wait for a review from someone I know before heading out to Clayton.

          1. re: chazzer

            My wife and I made the drive from Durham to Clayton yesterday afternoon and had lunch at Latin Grill. The review by Shanenolan2 is very accurate. The food we had was excellent and the service was very attentive. The menu is not extensive - grilled steak, chicken, pork ribs plus some shrimp options. We shared a 1/2 chicken 1/2 ribs plate. This came with a generous serving of yellow rice, absolutely delicious french fries, some pickled vegetables and a nice salsa plus very flavorful herbed (thyme and/or oregano) garlic bread. The chicken had been split and flattened for grilling and was tender, moist and flavorful. The ribs were moist and tender. There was no dry rub or sauce on the ribs, they may have been marinated. We also ordered a side of sweet plantains. The other sides available included another style of plantains and fried yuca. We shared a serving of flan for dessert.

            While I was hoping they would have a more extensive menu with items that I had never had before, the food we had was excellent and the style of preparing the chicken and ribs was different and delicious.