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Sep 3, 2011 07:33 AM

Hot Turkey Sandwhich

Hey there,

This might seem like an odd request, but for the last month or so I have been craving an open face hot turkey sandwhich (the kind you get in old fashioned diners/truck stops - mashed potatoes on bread with turkey and gravy on top). I live in the Clackamas area and havn't been able to find a restaurant or diner in this area that serves these, anybody have any suggestions?



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  1. Kenny and Zukes

    It is close and I am sure they would be willing to modify it to make it even closer.

    1. Hubers in downtown Portland. It's Thanksgiving every day at Hubers!

      1. Definitly Hubers. Its the oldest restaurant in Portland and has a great bar.

        1. Thank you for the great suggestions. I look forward to trying both locations. They both look wonderful!