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Apr 4, 2006 02:30 PM

Tantalums in Long Beach

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I found out a friend works there and don't know if I should pay him a visit. Is the food any good here?

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  1. It pains me to say this since it's your friend that works there, but we've tried them two times -- granted both times were within 3 months of their opening -- but it was the worst service we've ever had. I'm sorry! In terms of the food, the menu is too broad and the two things I tried were average at best -- I think they're trying to meld too many flavors and it just doesn't work. Silver lining is that the bar is fun and drinks were always mixed delicously.

    1. I went once for a late lunch (service was great as there was only one other party) and ate at the bar: calamari appetizer (delicious) and "kobe" beef burger (just fine but a little pricey). Fries were good. As mentioned previously, very good cocktails.

      1. I had a late lunch there also, as did the OP, and enjoyed it very much. Our waitress was great. Pay your friend a visit, and enjoy.

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          Long Beach Eater

          It's a bit of an overkill decor wise, but one of the more hip restaurants in Long beach. Definitely sit near the bar where you have a view of the marina.

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            Richard in L.B.

            Four of us for lunch had great service. The surroundings very nice and the place was busy. We all shared the peanutty Calamari appetizer and it was delicious and not the usual rubbery taste. The Chicken main dishes were so so. Someone had told me to try the Bread pudding desert, on the menu but they ran out.

            Located in Marina Pacifica Long Beach next to Lomans.
            Parking easy and close. I'd go back!!