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Sep 3, 2011 06:15 AM

Is there a greengrocer near The Butcher Shop and Cliffside Hearth on Kingston near Markham Rd?

Normally I would get my produce from either the St Lawrence Farmers' Market or, if going in the other direction, Highland Farms. Please say there's something more convenient. Thanks!

Highland Farms
850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

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  1. Hey there Googs, I am pretty close to that area and am sad to say that (as far as I know) the area is lacking in greengrocers. I really REALLY wish there was.

    Courage Foods west of VIc Park & Kingston sells some produce and also the little shop at Fallingbrook and Kingston also sells some produce. You might like the grocer at Fallingbrook, they sell some pretty nice stuff in there.

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      I guess I'll stick to my regular route for today since I'm car-less at the moment,

      This reads like an opportunity to me. Either the Butcher Shop should consider adding a small selection of seasonal produce or some young entrepreneur should open a greengrocer near these two stores.

      AND HEY LCBO, consider opening a Vintages Only boutique sized store. The very best thing about Cabbagetown is St Jamestown Steak & Chops where you can purchase fantastic meat, seafood, and produce and then step into the LCBO RIGHT NEXT DOOR to purchase a wine to pair with. Yes, a new business model. Discuss.

      1. re: Googs

        Every time a place closes around Vic Park & Kingston all of my neighbours hope for a green grocer but for some reason they keep opening nail places.

        I love your suggestion on the Vintages!

    2. Depends on what exactly you are after. There is a store in the same plaza as the CliffSide Hearth, right next to the Mac's Milk that has a range of fruit and veg at good prices.

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        I'm after seasonal, local or at least Ontario, and of good quality. Does the place next to Cliffside Hearth have that going on?

      2. Nealry forgot, if you are willing to go on Fridays there is a farmers market at the Birchcliffe Church It closes at 7pm.

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          A|so farmers markets at Scarboro Civic Center, Tuesday 8AM to 2:30, and U of T Scarboro campus, Wed 3-7PM.

        2. Googs,

          On a side note, what's your impression of Cliffside Hearth? I've read favourable things about it, but haven't got out there yet. Would you say it's worth making a special trip? What are the best baked goods there?