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Sep 3, 2011 05:41 AM

Fish Tacos?

Anyone know a good place for fish tacos? Preferably in the Rockville/Bethesda area....

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  1. Is there a Baja Fresh out there? Their grilled mahi mahi taco is almost like what you get at the famous fast fish taco places in California.

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    1. re: MikeR

      There is, but we have friends coming into town and we were looking for a slightly more upscale place....or at least a sit down restaurant. No offense to Baja Fresh....

      1. re: cute_diva

        I am looking for fish tacos as well, and here in northern Virginia, there just aren't many good ones. I used to go to Tap & Vines sister cafe, the brew pub one next door in the location of death on Lee Hwy, but they weren't that good and both cafes are closed now. When I really get to Jonesin' for a fish taco, I hate admit it, but I go to Baja Fresh, too. Cute Diva, I hope your request for fish tacos gets better results than mine did a few years ago!

        Tap & Vine
        5731 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA

        1. re: Ziv

          Near where Tap & Vine used to be, District Taco has fish tacos on Tuesday and Friday. I like the idea of District Taco and go there maybe twice a month for a "taco truck fix" where I can order at a counter and sit at a table, but their fish tacos tend to be kind of tasteless. About the only thing that distinguishes them from the pork or chicken tacos is the sauce (which is very good). I prefer those at Baja Fresh.

          As far as a sit-down restaurant that has a decent fish taco, there's Clare & Don's Beach Shack in Falls Church, a couple of doors down from the State Theater. It's a very casual place, but at least you have table service. There's outdoor seating, sometimes with music, too.

          But I just don't think of fish tacos as "formal dining."

          1. re: MikeR

            Slightly off topic, but I had the Huevos Rancheros the other day at District and they were pretty good, not fish tacos, but good. But I forgot to order them with corn tortillas. District is really good about switching up to corn tortillas on their tacos, but you have to ask. Flour tortillas leave me cold.

          2. re: Ziv

            I have yet to find a decent fish taco, but the ceviche tostadas at La Mexicana Bakery and Tacqueria are pretty awesome.


            La Mexicana
            13016 Middlebrook Rd, Germantown, MD 20874

      2. Surfside in Glover Park has a nice selection. Good value, they have a nice terrace.

        1. Buck's Fishing and Camping has fish tacos on their menu pretty regularly. I had them earlier in the summer and they were tasty. Frankly, I agree that Baja Fresh are the best.....

          1. Try the new tackle shop in Bethesda. The one in Georgetown had a good fish taco.

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            1. re: rappel75

              Do you mean Tackle Box? There is no Bethesda location. Perhaps you mean Freddy's Lobster & Clam?

            2. I was at Tortacos in Gaithersburg a few days ago and the son of the owner said they are now serving fish tacos. I didn't try one since I was hankering for the carne asada and al pastor. I am sure they will be very good since everything else I've had there has been excellent. Not an upscale place though. Maybe Baja Fresh-like but smaller and calmer. You order @ the counter and take the food to your table.

              9629 Lost Knife Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20877