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any restaurants with interesting fall mushroom dishes in London?

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Now that Neal's Yard restaurant has closed, are there any restaurants in London that specialize in or that have particularly interesting (wild) mushroom dishes on the menu? I am happy to travel to any area of London or to eat any type of cuisine.

Neal's Yard
6 Park St, London, England W1K 7, GB

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  1. I recently enjoyed some girolles on toast at Jose -- enhanced with a well calibrated amount of a hard cheese and olive oil. I wish that places that served matsutake were more common; perhaps somewhere exorbitant like Umu might be a start. :)

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      Umu was my first thought as well.

      Perhaps you could contact Iberica and see if they will be including Boletus (which is how the Spaniards call cep/porcini) on the menu this autumn at either of their restaurants.

    2. Note: I meant the Neal's street restaurant, not Neal's Yard above. Sorry about this!

      Neal's Yard
      6 Park St, London, England W1K 7, GB

      1. Hey! What not have a go at making your own Mushroom Soup, using wild mushrooms? I did and it worked out fine (as well as being cheaper!).

        Here's the recipe I followed: http://theideaskitchen.co.uk/cook/rec...