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Sep 3, 2011 05:23 AM

any restaurants with interesting fall mushroom dishes in London?

Now that Neal's Yard restaurant has closed, are there any restaurants in London that specialize in or that have particularly interesting (wild) mushroom dishes on the menu? I am happy to travel to any area of London or to eat any type of cuisine.

Neal's Yard
6 Park St, London, England W1K 7, GB

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  1. I recently enjoyed some girolles on toast at Jose -- enhanced with a well calibrated amount of a hard cheese and olive oil. I wish that places that served matsutake were more common; perhaps somewhere exorbitant like Umu might be a start. :)

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      Umu was my first thought as well.

      Perhaps you could contact Iberica and see if they will be including Boletus (which is how the Spaniards call cep/porcini) on the menu this autumn at either of their restaurants.

    2. Note: I meant the Neal's street restaurant, not Neal's Yard above. Sorry about this!

      Neal's Yard
      6 Park St, London, England W1K 7, GB

      1. Hey! What not have a go at making your own Mushroom Soup, using wild mushrooms? I did and it worked out fine (as well as being cheaper!).

        Here's the recipe I followed: