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Sep 3, 2011 02:43 AM

Restaurant Suggestions

I am new to this board and this is my first post

I'll be in Paris late October -early November with my brother and his wife for four days. I'm staying on an extra two days.

I have been put in charge of choosing the restaurants. However I have been given several restrictions that wiped out my first choices.

No place that requires a jacket
No set menu (Might be something they don't like)
Can't be too far from the hotel K K Cayre

I have tried to balance the restaurant choices with traditional food and modern

Friday Lunch Robuchon Dinner Josephine Dumonet

Sat Eiffell Tower Tour Dinner Gaya Rive Gauche

Sunday Giverney Tour- Dinner Le Dome

Monday Lunch Chez Denise Dinner Senderens

Given the circumstances did I make reasonably good choices? Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am thinking of substituting Dominique Bouchet for Gaya on Sat night. I'm looking for opinions on these two restaurants.

Thanks in advance for your advice

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  1. Sorry but I forgot to mention that this is the first time in Paris for all three of us

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      l think if you eat as you have planned it will be your last time in Paris, or anywhere. More than one meal a day is too much food for most people here. You may have a superior metabolism but most do not.The amount of food served at Dumonet and Denise is almost silly in it's quantity. l am not a fan of D Bouchet but do not know the other. Senderens is great for looks, neat table lighting, desserts and wine pairings but found the meal greatly lacking in interest. a Le Cinq 'bargain lunch' has a set menu but you get many choices in each category. Paris must have a meal at Le Cinq.

      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        Kindly heed Delacaheesemonger; you can eat lite at Gaya, but not not cheaply. If you want to experience the real P aris, walk over to La Bon Saint Pourcain and Cigale Recamier (souffle specialist). FYI, your hotel was used by Johnny Depp in the The Ninth gate.

        1. re: Oakglen

          Kindly heed both Oakglen and DCM. For example, 2 days ago I had (an excellent) lunch chez Vivant, a restaurant not known for gargantuan portions like Dumonet, and I still had to skip dinner, not, I repeat, not for dieting purpose, but because I could not remotely think about food until lunch the next day.

    2. Thanks for the quick replies.

      I understand your suggestions about too much food and will prob make some adjustments.

      I am now concerned about my choices Senderens and D Bouchet. Ar least one of you apparently does not think their food is anything special. What other dinner suggestions should I consider? I understand that a jacket is not required at Aparge Is this true?

      Le Cinq I am pretty sure requires a jacket at dinner but maybe not at lunch.

      I didn't realize when I took on this task how much pressure I would put myself under.

      I really want my brother and SIL to have a great dining experience in Paris. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated

      Thanks again

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      1. re: tatuaje68

        Le Cinq requires a jacket at every meal, no tie, but the one they give you is a better fit than your normal wardrobe and looks/feels great. You have enough restaurants with Denise, Dumonet, Dome, Robuchon, and maybe Le Cinq. Le Petrelle, Comptoir de Relais, and Le Quincy are here as well.

      2. DCM: Thanks for your input
        Out of curiosity, do you mind if I ask you what it is you don't like about D Bouchet?

        Regarding Le Cinq, Unless I can convince my brother to pack a jacket I'm afraid we won't be going there. However, I am staying two extra nights and I plan on going either to Le Cinq or Le Meurice on one of those nights

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        1. re: tatuaje68

          My meals are very menu driven. When at DB found the menu consisted of things l was not interested in eating, thus regardless of how good the prep. it was not for me, not bad, just not for me.