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Sep 2, 2011 09:32 PM

Fort Worth - don't Texans eat breakfast??

Have been looking for a breakfast spot in Fort Worth (downtown/Sundance/Stockyards). It's a little late for me to post but am hoping for something tomorrow. I'm having a heckuva time finding a spot that does breakfast. Any suggestions? We went to Ol' South Pancake House (right?) this morning. It was a fun, kitschy place but once is just fine. Tex-Mex/ Mex is okay... just something good!

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  1. Esperanza's Bakery & Cafe is inching it's way up my list - (north) Main Street toward the Stockyards

    Lili Bistro's (Near Southside) on Magnolia - I think foisgras said their brunches are quite worthy.

    I've never eaten at Cowboy Diner, but it gets fair to good reviews. The biggest complaint seems to be that service is more often than not..... lousy.

    There's also Paris Cafe in Near Southside's, Magnolia Ave - old time coffee shop type food.Those two come to mind most immediately.

    For the light, chainy side, there's probably a La Madeleine near you.

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      Haven't been to Lili's for brunch, but have been to Cat City (same owners) and Sapristi, both of which are good. Problem is finding brunch on Saturday ... I checked Cat City's website, and they are Sunday only. The restaurant at the Modern (Museum of Art) serves brunch too--it's good.

      Rosebud used to have the coolest original boomerang pattern Formica (and a waitress who would tell you anything you wanted to know about tattoos--and some things you didn't). My former next-door neighbors, who did cook but preferred to go out for breakfast, liked to go there, and informed me they serve 'real eggs.' Good to know.

      2418 Forest Park Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76110

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        Most odd thing for me to think of in the middle of the night, but my mis-statement on Lili's came to me at 2:30 this morning. Sorry....

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          I checked out Cat City this weekend and I wasn't blown away. It's not a greasy old-time diner nor a higher-end bistro that pays attention to was just all very blah. First of all, you can't order eggs with bacon/sausage and toast. There's no such item on the menu. And when we asked the waiter about getting just plain-old eggs and bacon, she said the closest option would be the kids meal (it is the only kids choice available btw for those of you considering going there with kids).

          The menu contains some omlettes, a few variations of bennys, and a few other breakfast staples. Both of our choices (two different bennys) were just decent. An order for a "side of biscuits" produced one biscuit cut in gravy, no butter, no jam/preserves/jelly. The biscuits are neither fluffy nor warm.

          Oh, and my biggest pet peeve for restaurants that charge double digits for breakfast items - there was no freshly squeezed juice available! So, all in all I'd say Cat City isn't the worst for breakfast/brunch options in FW but it also isn't the best. I doubt I'll return.

          The previous weekend, I had a much better brunch at the Culinary School of FW. For $15, you get your choice of hot entree along with a buffet of salads, desserts, eggs and pastas (juice/coffee/tea included). They start you off with a refillable basket of warm breads - we had a cheddar chive biscuit, lemon poppyseed mini muffin and something else which I can't recall. The students do all the serving and cooking - the eggs were a bit of a miss, but the rest was quite good. There was a pumpkin mousse dessert topped with pistachios that blew my mind! I ate three cups of it - absolutely delicious!

          Definitely worth the price. Brunch is only offered every 2nd and 4th Sunday (or something like that)

          Culinary School of Fort Worth
          6100 Camp Bowie Boulevard
          Fort Worth, Texas 76116

          1. re: missanusha

            Didn't even know about the Culinary School. Could you elaborate on the entrees?

            1. re: Barbara76137

              The entrees change seasonally. Below is the description of the current offerings from their website. We tried the pot pie and the pork chop.

              The pot pie is more of a napolean with light phyllo pastry layers as opposed to the traditional chicken pot pie where the filling is encased in a puff pastry. The server mentioned that all of the veggies were fresh and hand-cut. The chicken was moist and plentiful as were the veggies, and the cream sauce was not overpowering.

              The porkchop was also good. I didn't realize that the cavatelli was supposed to be pumpkin flavoured till I pasted the menu just now - but it still tasted good.

              Although we didn't try the shrimp, the server mentioned that the dish did have a kick to it.

              Chicken Pot Pie
              with Vegetables and a Light Madeira Cream Sauce Nestled with Flaky Puff Pastry

              Roasted Pork Loin Chop
              with an Apple, Cranberry & Bleu Cheese Chutney, Homemade Pumpkin Cavatelli with a Sage Beurre Noisette and Braised Cabbage and Apples with a Fresh Apple Reduction

              Louisiana Creole Shrimp
              served atop Sautéed Kale with a Southern-Style Cheddar and Scallion Grit Soufflé

      2. We do indeed ... but I eat it at home. If you don't want to go back to Ol' South, I would suggest either a hotel or a donut shop. I imagine there must be diners that serve breakfast as well. Rosebud Cafe (8th & Rosedale) does--I haven't been since the remodel, but back in the day it could give Ol' South a run for its money.

        1. I'm like foiegras, breakfast in Fort Worth is a spread at home. I work in the Stockyards and rarely eat breakfast. I've not found anything the least bit interesting for breakfast in the 4 years I've lived here.

          When I decide to eat breakfast, it is either a burrito, frittata or dim sum. If I need a "traditional" breakfast I make scrambled eggs, pancakes, chicken breakfast sausage and fresh fruit.

          1. I hate it when people ask for restaurant advice on Chow and then never report back! :-)

            It ended up being a moot point. We got up early the next day and headed straight for ESPN College Game Day - skipping breakfast. When we were done trying to be on TV, we headed back to Fort Worth and to Esperanza's- CocoaNut was the 2nd to recommend to us so that was good enough for me. Oh it was sooooo good! I got the Barbacoa ala Mexicana (the "ala" part was because the waitress said it is best that way). This was my first experience with pork cheek and I ate until I was uncomfortable - couldn't help myself. The flour tortillas were wonderful and my mouth is watering just thinking of the meal. I had to try a margarita (hey, it was ALMOST noon) which was also very good. Don't know why my mother ordered lemonade but she didn't drink it after one taste - that was the only (very very minor) downside to the meal. She ordered the chicken mole and really liked it - I was so enamored with my meal I didn't even try hers. Prices were also very reasonable and the place was packed the whole time we were there. I would definitely head back next time I'm in FW.

            Thanks to everyone for the rec's.

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              Sorry that your mom didn't like the lemonade. I work just up the street from Esperanza's but the last time I decided to treat my employees to lunch we ordered in and it was close to $100.!!! and that was for only 6 people. They are definitely overpriced.

            2. I am compiling a list of the best breakfast restaurants in Dallas Fort Worth 2012, on my blog and I am looking for great, full service breakfast restaurants to review. Go to my site ( and submit your favorite and I will check it out! I am on the quest for the best breakfast, so only submit what YOU think is the BEST!