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Sep 2, 2011 08:49 PM

White Russian - do not shake or stir???

I've had a fair share of white russians. Some better then others. I recently ordered a white russian at a pretty knowledgeable bar and they served it to me unstirred and unshaken. When I was given the drink the vodka & Kahlua was at the bottom and the cream was on the top in layers almost like a black & tan. I mean it was literally poured straight in the rocks glass without a stir. I looked at the waiter perplexed and he said that he actually asked the bartender if she forgot to mix it and she said that it was specifically meant to be made served this way. I said ok, stirred a bit with my straws and drank. What i had was one of the best white russians I ever drank. Unshaken, the drink had a much stronger flavor as it obviously was not diluted by shaking.

So whats the deal? Is this really the classic way to serve a white russian? Without mixing?

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  1. I looked up a few different recipes - the one on drinksmixer doesn't say to stir, the one on Wiki says float the cream and stir slowly, and says to combine all the ingredients then pour over ice. The unifying theme does seem to be to avoid dilution.