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Sep 2, 2011 07:54 PM

Chicken & Waffles

I am hosting a party for my brother and he has requested a "chicken and waffle" appetizer. I am trying to find the best way make these without having to fry chicken and assemble last minute. Any suggestions?

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  1. This is a new one for me. Is the chicken cooked and shredded before being mixed with the waffle batter, or is the chicken served on the finished waffles? Two suggestions if the chicken is mixed in the batter. Buy boneless chicken parts and bake them in the oven until just finished without being dried out, then hand shred the pieces before mixing in the batter. Buy a roasted chicken, take the meat off the bones and hand shred it. I assume making the waffles does not take long.

    Is there something that moistens the waffles after they are finished?

    Good luck!

    1. Chicken and waffles is two seperate things layered together....the crisp of the chicken is important.And yes it has sryup on it too! Here is a good ideal for an app

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        That looks like a great way to do chicken and waffles as an appetizer, so much easier to serve and eat, too. I love the idea of adding the waffle to the chicken batter rather than drizzling it over (which I think is too sweet). The chicken can be oven fried bites, or partially pan fried and then finished off in the oven to avoid the last minute frying, too. Thanks for posting that--I was trying to come up w/ a unique appetizer for a get together next weekend and this could be it!

        1. re: LaLa

          Thanks for the enlightenment. In my sheltered 75 years on this planet I'd never heard of the combination.

        2. I saw that recipe which is what got me thinking. HOw long do you think the fried chicken will keep in a warm oven without drying out?

          Do you think it would be possible to fry the chicken the day before and then rewarm in oven? I just don't want the guests to show up and have the whoel house smell like fried chicken.

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            Doing the chicky the day before and then bringing it up to temp. in a warm oven will be okay, though they will lose something in texture. I like your question. It got me thinking: why couldn't you do those chicken bites, and do thin waffles, and roll the chicken in the waffle and toothpick it and keep it warm in the oven? You could serve them on a small plate with a pre-made butterball of honey butter, or w/ a maple dip or a honey/peppercorn dip. And you could do it ahead of time.

            1. re: mamachef

              I was wondering about the crispness of the skin, if made in advance. How do frozen fried chicken taste? Do they maintain the crispness? I like the idea of the roll, even easier to eat. And, I'd stick with dark meat chicken. It's hard enough to get a chicken breast moist the first time, let alone with reheating.

              1. re: chowser

                chower: hey you. Nice points you bring up. I have not found a frozen fried chicken that I enjoy the taste of, but then again I really don't like any meat, fish or fowl that's been frozen. I will say, the skin on the frozen bird did maintain crispiness - almost TOO hard. I'd suggest buying a commercial chicken fry batter. Your local large grocery may have an intenational or gourmet or Southern section, and you can find it there, in a cellophane pouch. It does stay crispy. It's a little salty.
                I think the dark meat might be a good idea. Boneless thighs, do you think, cut into bite-sized pieces?

              2. re: mamachef

                awesome idea! I'm going to do a test run on labor day and see hwo various kinds come out. I'll keep you posted.

            2. I flipped past Paula Deen this morning and saw her son making appetizers out of mini corn muffins (pressed a divet into them while hot so they were cup shaped) and shredded barbecue chicken. Guy food for a football party ;)

              It just got me to wondering if you could do popcorn chicken on mini waffles (cut with cookie cutter if you're doing homemade, possibly even pressed into muffin tins to make cups), or in strips on waffle sticks, with a drizzle of syrup.

              1. Interesting. I never heard of Chicken & Waffles with syrup...only waffles with chicken and gravy on top.
                The syrupy it a 'southern' thing?
                Sounds like it could be tasty, especially if it was a honey syrup...

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                1. re: The Professor

                  Yes, syrup is southern. I've had the gravy one in Pennsylvania, not sure if it's a northern thing because I've never had it anywhere else.

                  1. re: chowser

                    In PA Dutch Country, when you say "Chicken and Waffles" it is always a savory chicken in gravy over waffles dish. The chicken is not fried and in my experience it is almost always the leftovers from a roast chicken with gravy. My mother would always shred the leftover chicken and just store it in the left over gravy then serve it over waffles a day or two later. Mmm... one of my favorites, and the salty gravy combined with the slight sweetness of the waffle is what makes it.

                    I never heard of fried chicken and waffles with syrup until I was an adult and saw a program about soul food on t.v. Sounded disgusting to me at first, but I can actually see how the syrup might work with the salty, crusty fried chicken.

                    1. re: centralpadiner

                      so funny how being in different parts of the same country makes for completely different perspectives.... i'd never heard of chicken, waffles and gravy! Have been hearing of chicken & waffles & syrup since i was a kid - and i'm not southern. grew up in los angeles.

                      1. re: mariacarmen

                        I honestly think it is something unique to Central PA, unless someone here has had it elsewhere and correct me. And since I didn't really leave my bubble until college, I didn't know of chicken and waffles any other way. I mean, I had heard other people mention chicken and waffles, but always assumed they ate it the same way I did. Which particularly confused me when people associated it with the African American community. I'm not sure you can find a place less diverse then the small PA Dutch town my mother grew up in, so I always wondered how she came to cooking "soul food." LOL! It was one of those "Ah-ha" moments when I saw the show on Sylvia's and the chicken was fried. I truly remember thinking, "what the hell is that plate of stuff they are calling chicken and waffles?"

                        1. re: centralpadiner

                          Never heard of the gravy style. Sounds interesting. My mom used to do something similar with leftover Thanksgiving Turkey, except served over bread. The fried chicken and waffles combo is awesome though.

                          1. re: Jen76

                            jen76 - do you mean like an open-faced turkey sandwich - turkey over white bread with gravy poured all over?

                          2. re: centralpadiner

                            central - i love it - your PA momma cooking soul food!

                            p.s. i JUST got your name. i thought it was central padiner. whatever i thought "padiner" was... duh.....

                            1. re: centralpadiner

                              Funny--I love this story about your mom's soul food!

                          3. re: centralpadiner

                            My mother used to make chicken and waffles for dinner — roasted chicken and gravy. She's from central WA, and lived in southern GA (presume it was fried there), VA and CA. Possibly learned it from her MIL? Nana was from Nova Scotia though, definitely not PA.