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Sep 2, 2011 05:57 PM

zero chocolate bar?

Anyone familiar/remember Zero chocolate? the "cool" chocolate? Where can I buy in montreal? Can't find anywhere!

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  1. I see it once in a while. Have you tried Dollarama, Jean Coutu, Zellers or Rossy?

    1. In almost every Dollarama.

      150 Rue Villeray, Montreal, QC H2R1G3, CA

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      1. re: Shattered

        They (Zero bars) used to be good.... are they still good? Is it a good chocolate anymore/still?

        1. re: rikk

          It's the same as it always was. To be quite frank, it was never good. It's chocolate icing in bar/square form. I'm not saying I don't enjoy it, but it's not good chocolate and it never was.

          I'm pretty sure Biscuiterie Oscar has them, too.

          Biscuiterie Oscar
          3755 Rue Ontario Est, Montreal, QC H1W, CA

      2. I thought there was a rule about not selling Zero bars in the summer, as they melt? Something some depanneur told me once. Will look out for them.

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        1. re: Plateaumaman

          I have heard this too. Some d├ępanneurs carry them through the summer, but you have to check the refrigerators. Costco also usually sells both the milk and dark chocolate varieties by the box-full. This may be seasonal too, however.

        2. Wait, I'm confused. The Zero bars I'm thinking of are the ones back in the US covered with white chocolate. Is this a Canadian variation?

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          1. re: Peaches to Poutine

            Probably, because the Zero bars I remember are not from white chocolate, but milk chocolate. They also have a dark chocolate one, as Andria mentioned (packaging is gold compared to grey-silver for the milk chocolate).

            1. re: Peaches to Poutine

              Canadian Zero bars are not the Hershey Zero bars covered in white chocolate. Who knew? ;-)


              From Belgian company Meurisse:

            2. Noticed them today at Costco. 32 bars for $21

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              1. re: SnackHappy

                saw them an hour ago while waiting at Burger de Ville on Westminister...saw them on a shelf in the depanneur across the street