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Would YOU try...?

Let's get right down to it. Would YOU try Calf Fries/Rocky Mountain Oysters/Duck White Kidneys? What I'm asking is, would YOU try animal testicles in any way, shape, or form?

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  1. Absolutely I would and in fact I have. They are delicately-textured once you get past the batter; the best ones have an almost tempura-like batter that envelops it gently and gives you textural contrast. Generally they are served with a dip, which I don't use because it covers up the flavor.

    1. Go to the Testicle festival in eastern Montana, Bikers, 'Show us your tits t-shirts', and Rocky Mountain Oysters by the ton, fun time. Still have the t-shirt ( Testicle Festival not SUYT ).

      1. Sure. Would YOU try animal uterus?

        1. Yes - no problem with that. They can be very tasty if prepared properly.

          1. Yup, definitely. I just wish I had the chance...

              1. Probably not. If these things were really good, I probably would have heard about them by now.

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                  really, you've never heard of them? i find that hard to believe, Tripeler!

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                    What I meant is that if I had heard they were really good, I would have tried them. People just say they have had them, and very few have said they were very good.

                2. I tried Rocky Mountain Oysters at Buckhorn Exchange in Denver, and they were delicious. Attach a photo of our appetisers there (clockwise from top): alligator tail fritters, Rocy Mountain Oysters, and rattlesnake in cream sauce (covered with tri-color chips)

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                    As l recall Buckhorn serves them fried. l find them better pan sauteed

                  2. You are welcome to my share.

                    I am just having salad today.

                    (I originally wrote: "You are welcome to mine." but felt it was too unspecific.)


                    1. Sure.
                      I have had blowfish sperm sac and horse sashimi, so why not balls? :)

                      1. Yes!!! & have ....but, but...you left out Rooster Fries!!

                        1. Absolutely not. Also not interested in liver, brains, tongue, tripe, sweetbreads, etc.

                          1. Sure. Maybe not in *ANY* way. I think I would rather eat them in a cooked preparation than raw.

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                              *Hiccup* "Ball Carpaccio." Gott in Himmel. I've never seen them served raw - thankfully :) or heard of it. Is somebody doing that?

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                                LOL. It was one of those momentary lapses of synthesis in which I read the OP literally, and thought to myself, *Self, would you really eat them *ANY* way??? No. No, you would not. You would certainly not eat them raw if you had a choice in the matter.*

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                                  I like your style :)

                              2. i have - not my favorite, but thats because of the taste, not some intellectual aversion to the concept

                                and i say once again - some of you need to delight that you live in such an affluent culture that you can even form the thought of not eating organs because muscle meat is so plentiful

                                1. I would try them, but I admit it would be hesitantly.

                                  1. 'Would YOU try...?'

                                    That's nuts.

                                    1. I would, but I'm trying to cut back.....

                                      1. Yes.

                                        And I love them.

                                        My favorite might be Rooster Testicles. Soft and creamy like silken tofu, with a center that is pudding like, almost custard-y. Very very intoxicating. Goes great with a bottle of cold Tsingtao. I think they would be great breaded with Panko and deep-fried in duck fat.

                                        1. I have eaten Rocky Mt oysters. It's not something that I would order in a restaurant but I have tried them.

                                          1. I think I would try them, though not enthusiastically. If I were given a challenge, I would absolutely not back down and I like to think I would try them if presented the opportunity. They would have to be cooked.

                                            I don't see myself going out of my way to find them to eat, however, never say never.

                                            1. Had lamb fries, they weren't the worst. Not high on my list of desires, but my mother-in-law was willing to try them, so I had to prove that I had a pair, also. ;)

                                              1. Not intentionally. Geeze, it hurts just to think about them being harvested. I know, some are from dead animals, but not all.

                                                1. Tripas de Leche, now that's good eating, Que Bueno!

                                                  1. I tried chicken balls at da lang last year. Not bad, but don't leave them in the soup too long or they get rubbery instead of creamy.