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Sep 2, 2011 05:35 PM

Question: Storing Potatoes and Ripening Tomatoes

Two, two, two questions in one!

Okay, first....any ideas on how to store potatoes without having them sprout? This is a problem for me, especially in the summer. I buy them in bulk, but never seem to use them quickly enough, and the freezer is dangerously full.

Secondly, Hurricane Irene tore up some tomato plants of mine. I'm left with about two dozen green tomatoes. I'm going to fry some, but is there a way to hasten ripening?

Many thanks.

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  1. The tomato-ripening method that works best for me is to individually wrap each tomato in a sheet of newspaper. It's not very fast - green to ripe might be more than two weeks - but it does happen eventually. You can also pickle green tomatoes, if you get sick of waiting/frying. I've made spaghetti sauce from green tomatoes, and soup, but I didn't think much of the results.

    1. All the tests results on potato storage,cool and dark,the refrigerator came out #1 winner.
      That said,I don't refrigerate.Until this year I used a cardboard box,layers of paper in the basement.Here the basement is dry and never passes 70*f.Careful as can be still included sprouting.
      We simply don't know the age of or storage conditions prior to purchase.Creating a huge variable for home storage.My luck varied from good to bad,no matter what.
      By accident I tested last year,autumn,winter,spring with potatoes I grew.In boxes with paper,dark and cool,managed poorly half the time by me,were great until we ran out in March.This year planted a lot of potatoes,counting on the same results.
      I am too damn lazy to wrap tomatoes except as a last resort and yes it does work.
      If you have the space or place to :I pull the whole plant up and hang it upside down when the threat of frost is real.basement,garage etc.The plant got too big,cut a laden branch and do the same thing.

      1. Thanks, guys! Tree removal in my neighborhood post-storm messed up my internet, cable and everything else (storm, not so bad...cleanup, bad, go figure) but I'm back, and grateful.

        1. I refrigerate potatoes & onions. (secret tip to no-tear onion cutting-refridgerate first)

          For tomatoes; place in a paper bag with an apples. Should only take a couple of days.

          Good luck.