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Sep 2, 2011 04:43 PM

Oxnard Food Truck Event

Last night they held the Downtown Gourmet Food Trucks event in Oxnard at Heritage Square. Apparently it was a great success with an estimated 1800 people. The next event is scheduled for Oct 6th at the same location and more trucks are planned. I would think that once that this news gets around to the food truck vendors they will want to join this event in Oct.

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  1. A new article about the latest gathering on Thursday Oct 6th featuring these trucks:
    Don Chow, Chinese/Mexican fusion; Ahn-Joo, Korean pub food; Fry Smith, American; Mandoline Grill, Vietnamese cuisine; DOSA, South Indian street food; Pinoy Jeepney, gourmet Filipino; O Street, French-Mex, Mediterranean; Coolhaus, ice cream sandwiches; and Lardon, gourmet bacon menu.