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Sep 2, 2011 03:52 PM

Enormous Ghost Pepper Harvest

My ghost pepper plant yielded 5 peppers. Since I live in New Hampshire I was happy. Question is, now what do I do with them? Thanks in advance!

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  1. They will keep for about two weeks. After that, you can freeze them. Or, take all of them and make hot sauce. Since they are soooooo hot, you can add sweet pepper, garlic, carrot, to the sauce to bulk it up, and you will still have a very hot sauce.

    1. String them on the fence to keep the elephants away from your garden!

      1. take two, and make salsa to enjoy the raw, fruity, flavor.
        Use the rest for jerk paste, smoke up some chickens with the paste, and freeze them for a taste of tropical summer in the winter. They freeze beautifully.

        1. This is my 1st year growing them, too. Have 2 plants, and now have about 10 bright orange peppers. I'm going to use my habenero jelly recipe for bhut jelly and then pickle a few (have a bunch more that aren't quite ripe yet).