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Sep 2, 2011 02:22 PM

Need A Cool, Casual Lunch Place For A Ladies' Lunch Day Near Kenilworth

Meeting some friends from all around the state for a fun, not-too-expensive lunch in the centrally located (from us at least) Kenilworth. Only problem, I know nothing about Kenilworth or the surrounding few miles. We are a mix of gals who don't cook or care what they eat, to great home cooks with more developed palates. We all love Italian cuisine, so that's a start, but are open to any type of menu except Asian or steak houses. Thanks!

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  1. I like van gogh's ear in union. Casual quirky place, and the food may not be out of this world but I've found it yummy.

    1. Kenilworth is not the ideal town for cool restaurants. If you meet in Summit, a few miles west, you will have a pretty, upscale town with a lot of restaurants to choose from.

      One good choice is Huntley Taverne, also Beacon Hill, and a third (Italian) is Fiorino. Summit is a good restaurant town.


        Or head to Cranford! A Toute Heure. Call ahead for daily menus/prices/reservations.
        They are closed Monday.

        A Toute Heure
        232 Centennial Avenue, Cranford, NJ 07016

        1. Thanks, all! Love dinining in Summit, but not a good location for this group. Saw A Tout Heure, glad you suggested it because I thought it looked interesting. I'll have to check out Van Gogh's Ear.

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            FYI, Summit is about 12 minutes drive from Kenilworth...
            Or, you can head to Westfield, adjacent to Kenilworth, with some very good choices as well--

            Aquaviva delle Fonti
            16 Prospect Wine Bar

          2. What about Mojave Grill in Westfield?


            I have always enjoyed this place. Located in Westfield.

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              On my last visit to Mojave grill (in the last couple of months), I found the same menu and same decor as my previous one--which had been 5 years ago; the whole place struck me as tired.