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Sep 2, 2011 01:59 PM

Who makes a better shopper -- women or men?

I usually find that men I see in the grocery store could not care less about sales….they just grab the "item" and get going. There can be one a foot away and it is just the same quality (or even better maybe) and ⅔ the price -- but the man grabs the first one he finds. Same thing -- pretty much -- about produce. Grapes -- eh, they look OK, celery -- who cares if the leaves are there? onions? oh, there's a bag!

I think the grocery stores must love men shoppers -- when they come in to shop, that is!

What is your experience?

Do you think men are less careful as "shoppers" than we women?

Do men take as much time as women in the grocery store?

Do you think men just shop the "item" and not look for any sale of a similar "item" of comparable quality? <Granted, some of us do stick to certain brands for certain items, sale or not.>

Do you think I have stirred up a hornet's nest? Press #1 for YES, #2 for NO, #5 for Customer Service, #0 for I DON'T CARE A RAT'S patookus.

HAVE AT IT! (And have a great Labor Day weekend!).

PS, Who does the grocery shopping in your family? And do you use a list?

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  1. I'll bite.

    I think by and large, women tend to be more value oriented shoppers than men, but I do know men who clip coupons and shop specials. But I think it also depends on who does most of the cooking. People who don't cook often don't have a good grasp on how much yield they'll get from a certain quantity of an ingredient. I've known people (men in this instance), who would buy x number of hotdogs and 2x number of buns.

    In our household, I do almost all of the cooking, and I think it's safe to say that if I sent the Man for groceries on a regular basis, our bill would easily go up by half.

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    1. re: inaplasticcup

      i think who does the cooking does have a lot to do with it, too.

      1. re: inaplasticcup

        Yeah, the one who cooks matters. I'm male, I do all the cooking, and I'm regularly shocked by what my wife will pay for things if she goes to the supermarket.

        With meats, especially, I've noticed that she is seduced by very neatly packaged things that look as unlike an animal part as possible--think spending $5-6 per pound for boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a very tidy package with nice colors. I would buy beef loin steak for that much, or boneless, skinless chicken for 1/3 the price, on sale.

      2. Really? In 2011 we're going to stereotype by gender?

        The person who makes the best shopper is the one who prepares, and has an interest in, food - gender is irrelevant. My wife doesn't enjoy cooking and she loathes grocery stores. This would be more more appropriate as a Ladies' Home Journal poll from 1971.

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        1. re: ferret

          damn straight we are going to ASK about gender!!!! cause that's how we live!

          eh, i'm not stereotyping -- i'm speaking from experience.

          1. re: ferret

            hehehe, Alka was just called an "old feminist" on another post here in CH.

            1. re: Quine

              Hey, Quine, it was tongue in cheek. Lighten up.

              I think Ferret hit the nail on the head. Whoever cooks tends to be the better shopper. I cook, therefore I am...................a better grocery shopper.

              1. re: SpokaneFoodLover

                Tongue in cheek, I think I have a recipe for that. Sorta like Turducken, but much trendier as using the whole animal is now so "in". And it is true that ALka was called that on another post here in CH land, I am merely reporting.

          2. Women are generally better grocery shoppers than men. There, I admitted it. In my experience (as a male) I am about the same quality of grocery shopper as the majority of my sisters or female friends, but by far a better one than my brothers or male friends. When I was living with five other guys in college, I was shocked when we visited a grocery store and the guys just started pulling things off the shelves, without any comparison of price. I can recall a buddy grabbing a bag of sliced cheese, until I pointed out that a block of cheese of the same variety cost half the amount. Women may be more impulsive when it comes to grocery shopping, but the average man is an idiot in a store.

            As for me, I can't pick out a white onion without comparing the price and quality to that of the yellow and red onions. I stick to the outside of the store (produce, dairy, meat, bakery) and only venture inside the aisles for particular items that I know I need (canned tuna, seasonings, vinegars, oils, and the like). I like fruits and vegetables in season, and pure joy goes through me when I find crimini mushrooms on sale for $1.49 a pound. I just love all the experiences that food brings - planning, purchasing, cooking, eating.

            1. My father was a better cook than my mother, who hated it, so he did the shopping. It was different at my friend Jack's house. His mother was the one who cooked, so she did the shopping.

              1. I think, in general, women are better grocery shoppers than men. IN GENERAL. Most of the men I know, from those my age(20's-30's) right on up to my own Dad, prefer to view grocery shopping as a task to be accomplished in as little time as possible. My Dad would have a meltdown if he had to make a list, go to the store, compare various similiar products etc. Whereas I tend to actually enjoy that aspect of it. Also, the men I know are definitely less economy-minded. My mother won't actually let my Dad go grocery shopping with me because she knows the combo of his price ignorance and my expensive tastes on a beer budget will at least double the bill. And when he does go on his own, she checks the receipt and always has some kind of "oh my god, dishsoap wasnt even on the list, why do we now have 6 bottles of it?!" comment.

                Disclaimer - the above is opinion + anecdote. I know there are many men who rock at grocery shopping and many women who hate and suck at it.

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                1. re: montrealeater

                  I'm female and the chef in the household, and I love grocery shopping, so it's the thrill of the chase for me in finding the best quality at the best price. Mr. Pine couldn't care less about the quality, all he looks for in groceries is the price. HOWEVER, for electronics (his expertise, I couldn't care less about them), he LOVES to "research" ad infinitem and finding the absolute best features and a rock-bottom price. To each his/her own, I reckon! (As long as I don't have to schlep him along in the grocery store with me...)