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Sep 2, 2011 12:29 PM

Plum or Camino for Group Brunch on Saturday?

I'm planning a brunch for a group of 7 friends who are probably more used to your typical diner-ish brunch fare. Originally I'd planned for La Note in Berkeley, but they only take reservations for groups of 9+. So now I'm looking at either Plum or Camino, and would like to get your input on which would be better.

I've read great things here about the brunch at Plum (I've already eaten at Camino and enjoyed it) but am a little concerned about their minimalist menu. I'm worred that that some of my friends may not find anything they like on the menu. For those of you who've had brunch there, did you find that it was "open-minded" (for lack of a better word) enough to appeal to those who are used to more traditional brunch items?

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  1. The brunch at Plum is pretty conventional compared with other meals. Hey, they have menus on their Web site now!

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      We had so looked forward to our post-theatre meal at Plum; alas, it was tedious.

    2. I'd definitely say Plum would work for your group. They do have more unusual brunch items, but still have normal things like biscuits, bacon, french toast, etc. And the staff is very accommodating. At Camino, the brunch is all small plates, which feels like it would be hard for people who are used to a more traditional brunch to get, and a little confusing with that many plates on the table for a party of 7.

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        Camino has a mix of small plates like the potatoes, sausages, & wood oven baked eggs, but they also have some larger "stand-alone" dishes. see the bottom half of the menu

        i thought the serving sizes at Plum to be smaller than the larger dishes at Camino

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          The large dishes aren't particularly breakfasty (or traditional brunchy), which would likely put off people who don't want chicken ragu or grilled sardines for brunch, which from the description of this party, they might not.

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            You say that Plum has a mix of unusual + normal. It's similar at Camino (imo), but you've focused on the unusual.

            I guess we'll agree to disagree :)

            1. re: drewskiSF

              The issue that I was pointing out at Camino is that all of the relatively normal brunch food is in small plate form, and with a group of 7, that's going to be confusing to order and maybe confusing at the table, and probably more expensive than they want.

      2. I think Plum does the best brunch in the Bay Area - not too minimalist a menu, in my opinion. As mentioned, items like their biscuits, their French toast, and their "hash" are crowd-pleasers that should make any brunch lover happy.

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        1. re: abstractpoet

          I was hungry after the hash at Plum. It was veggie heavy (which I'm sure my heart appreciated) with maybe half a dozen 1/4" pieces of ham. It was beautiful to look at, though with fresh flowers and the padrones.

          I loved the cornbread with bacon butter and great slow cooked eggs. No biscuits when we've gone (just twice) so maybe an item that rotates through.

        2. We had brunch at Camino 2 weeks ago exactly, and we were not impressed... With the exception of the donuts (which were great) everything else we had was disappointing. My cocktail (a bloody Mary with Tequila) was hardly drinkable, the savory condiment plate was very small and unimpressive, half of our grilled bread was burnt and had to be sent back, and the duck-rabbit polenta was bland and under seasoned. Also, the waitress never asked how anything was.... When we saw how empty the restaurant was, we should have known to go somewhere else.