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Nice Friday afternoon story

I went to the Mt. Vernon today for a "fuck it, had a a hard week can't stand it, get me a steak" kinda meal. That was all good. Behind me walked in a visitor who had clearly heard about Mt Vernon's twin lobster specials from out of town.

My lovely waitress (Judi -- lets remember that name) noticed about halfway into the fellow's dining experience that he'd not touched his lobster. She went over and gently asked, "do you need help with that?" to which he replied shyly "I've never had lobster before." she said "Wait a minute and I'll wash my hands!" and was back in a flash. She showed him, with no pretense and no attitude, how to separate the body from the tail what to do with the claws, and how to suck out the legs. She didn't make him feel awkward or weird. She just did it.

I gave her a 300% tip based on what I had seen. I also asked the "manager" who I needed to talk to to tell them about my story and she said I could fill out a comment card -- in my experience she's never been interested or willing to go any further than right in front of her face. I'm planning on writing the enterprise anyway. Not only did Judi take care of me, and all the other tables in the place but she took time to show this Taiwanese visitor how to wrastle a bug, and I appreciate that.

It was just a cool "we're not a bunch of Boston A-holes" day. Wanted to share.

Mt Vernon Restaurant
14 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

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  1. Awesome post, yumyum. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks Bob. Also, I just wrote the mother ship. Hopefully they'll recognize Judi in some way for going above and beyond. It takes so little to say "I see what you're doing" and "thank you". Give the lady a preference day off of something.....

      anyway. thanks.

    2. I've actually done that lobster dissection for a diner, not in my party. Good for her!

      1. That was me! Love your city, and your lobsters. Can't wait to be back.

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          Ray -- for real? You were so nice! I hope you have fun here and that people continue to be sweet to you. We really can be.

        2. Had the same experience in your town many years ago when one of the elderly waitresses at Durgin Park saw me struggling with the crab legs. She pulled up the chair next to me and showed me exactly how to do it. It is one of those memories that live with you forever.

          Durgin Park
          1 Faneuil Hall Sq, Boston, MA 02109

          1. YumYum: THANK YOU for posting this story! I have had a stressful day and this makes me feel so much better! Happy weekend!

            1. Yumyum,
              I live right around the corner form the Mt Vernon and go there when I need to get away for a bit from home (older adopted child with many emotional problems, etc). I don't go for the food as much as the respite....it's really a time capsule....but the wait staff are great, just great, and feel like real neighbors. They are always so kind to my son and helpful and friendly....the owner as well. I know what you mean about that manager, she and some of the newer servers are more "all business". I don't know Judi but next time I go in will ask. I"m so glad you contacted the top guys...John Henry takes care of his people, I think. I wish more of the ethnically diverse neighborhood would come in...thanks for posting.

              Mt Vernon Restaurant
              14 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

              1. People acting like people should act. Love that Judy was such a pro to remember to
                stop and wash her hands! It's all about taking notice of others and random acts of kindness.

                1. "Take that, Alan Richman." Thank you for that wonderful story. I do not thank you for putting their Sinatra-swinging radio jingle ("Just minutes from downtown Bostonnnn") in my head again.


                  1. Thanks for that story. Being a sentimental sap, it brought a tear to my eye. I have been known, on occasion, at a diner I frequent, to offer to pay for the meal of a single senior citizen I have seen eating alone. I did get quite surprised one time when I called the waiter over and said I wanted to treat a little old lady a table away who was eating alone, offerd a $20 and he stated her tab was $25-where the average entree was $10. Oh well, paid it, tipped and wished her a nice day. She thanked me and said it happens to her quite frequently-I guess I'm not the only sentimental sap out there.

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                      Sentimental saps unite! Wouldn't it be a nicer place if we all took a little extra time like judi did? Hopefully our visitor found similarly nice experiences in town. I see them a lot. You just have to look.

                      1. re: yumyum

                        thanks for the nice story.. Which MV? I tried it once(the Saugus one) and didnt feel really inclined to go back, but now I will..

                        1. re: chompie

                          Such a post! This made my day. I remember one early lunch back in the day at the original Paramount where the cook came around the counter to demonstrate the correct way to eat souvlaki in a "no coke, pepsi" dialouge. Yet it is a great moment when one pushes out the whole tail of the lobster and sends it in to a waiting wading pool of drawn butter and greater still to share it with someone new to New England.

                    2. I think we are nicer than we think. If you read trip reports on Trip advisor, visitors often make the comment that everyone was so nice to them. That when they pull out a map, someone asks if they need help.

                      I always ask were they are planning on dining and what kind of food they love. Then I can fill them in on some of the great Boston experiences they might miss.


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                        Penny, I always ask people struggling with a map if they need help, it is a lot of fun and you often get to chat with people from other states or countries and get good chow tips from them as well. Of course on a few occasioins I am rebuffed by folks who are determined to find their way on their own; hmmm... could that be moi in another city?

                      2. Great story yumyum. The way we were.



                        Yum Yum Restaurant
                        1493 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA 02122

                        1. That's a great story from the Judi view, but also the traveler's side as well. Here is someone who somehow knew that he should get lobster in Boston, somehow found out that Mt Vernon has a good deal, and just went for it, even though he's never had it before, and on his own! A true 'hound.