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Sep 2, 2011 11:35 AM

Chowhound's Boston Digest, now! More! Better!

Gosh, I wish I'd thought to introduce myself to you guys when I started writing the Boston Digest a few years ago. I'm Joyce Slaton, and I've been writing the Boston Digest since it began. From San Francisco. That didn't make sense, and we knew it, so we finally hired a real local to do it, a man you already know and love as Dave MP. Each week, he will be chewing through all of your wonderful and amazing posts, and um, spitting out a condensed synthesis of that week's news, gossip, and delirious paeans to delicious things.

It is published each Wednesday here:

To get Boston Digest newsletter by email, please go here:

Dave, please say hello to the nice people.

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    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

      cambridgedoctpr -

      After a careful review of your recent posts, I've decided that you are nice enough to be included as a recipient of my message, which you can read below. For anyone less nice than cambridgedoctpr, I'm just not sure what to say....but I am looking forward to reading your posts too!

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      1. Hello Boston hounds, and thanks Joyce for the introduction!

        It was exactly ten years ago this month that I began using Chowhound, and I'm happy to still be involved today. It's nice being back in Boston, and I'm looking forward to writing the digests!

        Looking forward to reading your posts as well....thanks!

        Dave MP

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        1. re: Dave MP

          Welcome back Dave. You have always been a great Boston contributor. I was just making fun of the slightly giddy tone of the intro. I am SURE you will do a great job of it!


            1. re: StriperGuy

              I'm pretty much always slightly giddy. You can count on it.