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Sep 2, 2011 11:34 AM

Orillas (Wilmington, DE) Moving

Mrs. Ruffles and I ate at Orillas last night for the first time in a while. We had a very nice meal and they seem to have fixed some of the service issues we encountered in a couple of our previous visits.

The big news is that Orillas is moving in mid-September. Cards on the table stated that Orillas will be moving into the space at 902 Market Street now occupied by Chef Julio Lazzarini's Vinoteca 902. They will be keeping the Orillas menu and Vinoteca's wine list.

It's a shame because Orillas is such a warm intimate space, much more so than the cavernous 902. But i imagine it's difficult keeping the two restaurants afloat in Wilmington especially in this economy.

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  1. Hm, that's tough. I like both restaurants, in fact, but the Orillas space is so much nicer. Granted, Vinoteca's *location* is much better. But that space is cursed, really. I've lived here 13 years and seen what, at least 5 different businesses cycle through there? I hope Orillas can be the one to break the curse.

    Between this and the Domaine news, it hasn't been a good summer for the downtown Wilmington dining scene, sadly.

    1. I believe Orillas and Vinoteca are owned by the same person/group. Does this mean that Vinoteca is closing its doors or are they moving to another location?

      You are correct when you say that Orillas has a warm intimate space. That is certainly one of it's charms. Hopefully the move will work out for the best.

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        Chef Julio Lazzarini owns both Vinoteca and Orillas. The information they were handing out implied that Vinoteca's menu would be replaced by Orillas's and would be accompanied by the extensive Vinoteca wine list. Unless they are keeping some Vinoteca menu items, I believe that, for all intents and purposes, Vinoteca will be no more.

        1. re: genevapics

          I have only eaten at Orillas s a few times, prior to shows in down town WIlmington. I usually eat at the bar, and overall found the space to be quite cramped. I hope that the bar at the new location will be bigger, and that the crowd that comes to Orillas will follow to the new space.