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Sep 2, 2011 10:50 AM

Craft beers in DC

Where I can buy craft beer in dc?
I would like to find some of these:
Or can you suggest me other? I have to make a gift and I have already tried to Rodman's and in a store near Cleveland Park Station metro but they do not have these beers.

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  1. The best place is actually the Whole Foods on P St NW. They have a huge selection and a lot of great stuff. I'm pretty sure they have at least a couple of the beers on that list.

    1. Try either Conn Ave Wine & Liquor at Dupont Circle or Chevy Chase Wine & Spirit below CC circle. Both have good selections of craft beers.

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        Id second Conn Ave Wine & Liquor at Dupont Circle which, although small, has a fantastic selection of hard to find stuff. They sometimes even bring items back from road trips that you simply cannot buy in this area (Three Floyds, Russian River, etc.).

      2. D'Vines in Columbia Heights actually has a decent selection of craft beers. Pretty sure I've seen atleast two of those beers there.

        1. the largest selection in DC- Chevy Chase Wine and Spirits,peerless,bar none

          In Va-Rick's Wine and Gourmet,Alexandria and Whole Foods ? can't remeber which one

          Chevy Chase
          6200 Chevy Chase Dr, Laurel, MD 20707