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Sep 2, 2011 09:54 AM

Bar Masa Locals Deal

Our server was not sure how long it would last, but currently BM is offering 50% off sake/wine bottles(any format) up to $500 for locals. Their list is already reasonable - for the strip - so most, including higher-end JG, JDGs, are basically $2-8 corkage fee after the discount. RW week menu is a good deal too. The sushi portion(2 piece nigiri) consisted of chu-toro, tai, sake, kinme dai, and shimaaji.

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  1. Just went to BM last night for RW menu. Quite good and reasonably filling although we also did a few supplementary pieces and a chu-toro role. We did the sushi and the sashimi; both were excellent. It was pretty empty while we were there, so I expect they might keep the local deal going for a while.

    1. We should note that the wine deal is available at all Aria restaurants for Nevada residents, good until December 30th, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Half of all all bottles priced at $500 or less. That brings some interesting properties into play for anyone that wants to have a splurge this fall.