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Sep 2, 2011 08:52 AM

Where to buy Maldon sea salt in Edmonton?

I've been looking for Maldon sea salt for a while. I've tried all the major grocery stores but no one seems to carry it. Most of the websites I've looked at either don't ship to Canada, or the shipping will cost more than the box of salt. As such, I'd like to buy it locally - does anyone know where I could find it? Thanks.

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  1. You might try the Italian Center across from the park. I have been there a couple of times and their sku's include a lot of non Italian high end products.

    1. Italian Centre usually carries it.

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        Really? Thank you both. The last time I was in the Italian Centre there were only 5 minutes til closing, so I rushed in and out... will check it out. Thanks again.

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          That is true - just got some recently. Have you tried the smoked Maldon? Divine! They carry that, too.

          1. re: chefathome

            I saw that on the shelf and contemplated getting it, but I'm not sure how to use it? I've got some fumée de sel right now that I bought on impulse and haven't used that yet, either...

            1. re: impulsively

              I'm weird. I have 19 kinds of salt - mostly finishing salts that I love to collect from my travels. And I actually do use them! Maldon smoked is awesome on fish, butter lettuce salads, fries, is one of my favourites. Oh, and lovely on brownies or caramel!

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                Thanks for the tips - will have to try it out. Does it go well with any kind of fish? I saw a recipe for fleur de sel caramels somewhere that I would love to try. I do like using 'gourmet' salts and my collection is slowly increasing... I am limited by the size of my apartment cupboard space though :(

                1. re: impulsively

                  Yes, it goes well with the fish I have tried thus far (trout, sole, etc). I would love to try it on more exotic fish but obviously as we are landlocked that isn't going to happen...

        2. Sunterra also carries it.

          1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I went by the Italian Centre Shop this afternoon and picked up a 240g box for $8.99. A little pricey, but, I'm making some duck fat french fries with rosemary and truffle oil, and it recommends maldon sea salt... I'm excited!

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            1. re: impulsively

              Sounds tasty impulsively.

              I am curious, where did you get the duck fat? Did you render it yourself or were you able to buy tubs of it from some place locally?

              I ask as from time to time I am tempted to make a batch of confit but lack sufficient duck fat and I do not want to substitute canola or olive oil.

              1. re: Bob Mac

                Sometimes I have seen it at the Italian Centre but not consistently. I am doing a confit next week and am rendering the fat.

                1. re: Bob Mac

                  I would render it myself but I rarely buy duck unless it's Chinese barbequed duck, and though that can be fatty enough to render a good amount of fat, I've always been hesitant because I thought that the taste of the five-spice and other spices they use would end up in the fat. Anyone have thoughts on this?
                  I also would not substitute any other oil. I have been buying little 1-lb pots from Greens, Eggs and Ham at the City Centre farmer's market. They are a little expensive ($5 for one) but it's nice and pure and lasts me a long time (I strain it through cheesecloth after every use and keep it in sterilized jars in my fridge). If you do regularly eat duck, I would suggest saving up the fat in the freezer until you have enough to make it worth rendering.