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Your ulitmate Vanilla dessert?

We talk about chocolate a lot, maybe too much.

But what about it's kissing cousin, Vanilla?

What's your favorite or ultimate Vanilla dessert?

Mine? Madagascar Vanilla bean ice cream.

So let's hear it. Do you have a favorite Vanilla-centric dessert?

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  1. Creme brulee, or the killer recipe for flan in the special Spain issue of Bon Appetit years ago.

    1. I love a good creme brulee, flan, panna cotta or even a very vanilla-y cheesecake, but I think my absolute favorite is probably a good old vanilla milkshake (made with high-quality ice cream plus a shot of good vanilla extract!).

      1. Whipped Cream! ... peaches optional, but welcome!

        1. I love basic bread pudding with no sauce. When people add chocolate, berries, nuts, etc., that ruins a perfect dessert for me.

          1. Creme Anglaise and just about anything.

            1. Creme Caramel
              Creme Brulee
              Both made with Mexican Vanilla.

              1. I'm with you ... a good vanilla ice cream. Although this time of year, I like a slice of lemon pound cake in the bottom of a bowl. A scoop or maybe 2 of vanilla ice cream on top of that and on top of it all... sliced macerated strawberries with a little Grand Marnier on them.

                Don't get better than that. I have tried to get the energy to make a french strawberry tart but why do all that work when I can have the dish above?

                1. Tapioca (any size) pudding eaten cold with warm fresh rhubarb cooked down with a little sugar. .

                  1. Ricotta Souffle. made with Mexican Vanilla.

                    1. Vanilla bean pastry cream. I steal spoonfuls when I make it at work and wolf it down when I make it at home. It's my special treat pudding!

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                        Yeah, I'm totally with you on that one. I used to to make a Vanilla pastry cream sandwich with two slices of pound cake.

                      2. Warm rice pudding made with a vanilla bean, milk, and cream.

                        1. I'm a vanilla addict. Chocolate? Could take it or leave it. But I couldn't live without vanilla.
                          So this is a very hard question.

                          Probably white layer cake, ice cream, panna cotta (+/- strawberry sauce), in that order.

                          And I much prefer madagascar over tahitian vanilla.

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                            I think Madagascar Vanilla is totally under appreciated.