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Skinny Girl Mararita Contains Possible Carcinogen

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"Whole Foods has stopped selling former "Real House wives of New York City" star Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Margarita after discovering it has potentially carcinogenic in gredients.

The drink -- which Frankel crows on her Web site is "the margarita you can trust" with "all natural ingredients" and "no preservatives" -- actually contains the preservative sodium benzoate, sources said.

Studies have found that the preservative can become carcinogenic if mixed with other substances such as vitamin C."


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  1. You'd think the fact that it tastes like a#@ would be a stronger factor in removing it.

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      We live in the Sandra Lee generation. Mixing 3 ingredients is beyond many people.

      1. re: melo7

        I have no general objection to the cocktail-in-a-bottle concept (happen to think that Kirkland's bottled margarita is pretty good) - works especially well for picnics, lawn concerts or boating - , my objection is that it's executed poorly in this instance.