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Sep 2, 2011 07:44 AM

Edmonton Assistance


I am an Ottawa chowhounder coming to Edmonton for work. I'll have two dinners and two breakfasts to fill....I am staying at the Westin, but can walk relatively long distances.

So far, I am very interested in Padmanadi (I am not a vegan, but don't eat very much meat) for dinner one night. It seems I have to try the Ginger beef.

Since I rarely get to have good Asian food at home, I would like either good, inexpensive sushi, or any inexpensive Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese. I love spicy food.

I would really like to find healthy, whole-grain baked goods for breakfast. I don't need to sit down for breakfast - bakery recommendations are more than welcome.

Are there any specialties in Edmonton that I must try?

And as an aside, has anyone seen anything about a Frozen Yogurt place called Menchies opening on Whyte Ave? There is one in Toronto now, and while it is surely made from entirely chemical, artificial materials, I love it!

Thanks for the advice in advance.


10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3, CA

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  1. There is a frozen yogurt shop that just opened on Whyte Ave, but it is called Tutti Frutti. Menchie's hasn't openedhere yet.

    Two Thai restaurants that I quite like are Viphalay and Bua Thai. Viphalay is one of my favourites, but Bua Thai might be a bit easier to access on foot. A downtown Vietnamese suggestions would be Doan's. I like both Blue Willow and Lingnan for Chinese (westernized) food. Blue Willow would be the closer of the two.

    As for bakeries that will be close to you, Queen of Tarts is really good. REALLY good.

    1. You will probably find the cheaper Asian places in Chinatown:
      Spicy Garden for noodles, wonton, fried rice dishes, etc. Garden Bakery does these too, and is a bit cheaper, but Spicy Garden's is better tasting in my opinion.
      Garden Bakery or Hong Kong Bakery for Chinese bakery goods. (NOT healthy, whole-grain)
      Tau Bay or King Noodle House for pho.
      Nhon Hoa for banh mi.
      Boualong for Vietnamese.

      Queen of Tarts is a bakery that is not far from your hotel. They will have whole grain bread, but their pastries won't be.

      Alberta specialties... probably bison and Alberta beef. How much do you want to spend and how far will go you (cab, car rental)?

      The Noodle House
      4815 48 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 3T2, CA

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        Boualong is a Thai/Laos restaurant. Together with Viphalay is one of the best Thai restaurants in Yeg
        Vietnamese restaurants of note in the area are The Golden Bird, Pagolac( popular , not necessarily good), King Noodle ( for Pho) , and Ninh Kieu
        Saiwoo for Cantonese is open for dinner only, until very late.

      2. On the same block where you find Padmanadi, try the Than Than. the Beef Satay soup has been a fav for the past 15 years. If you can't finish the soup, take it home and pour it over rice. Yum.

        Viphalay is also excellent and easily walkable for you. The Drunken noodles are a favourite and the curries are excellent.Boualong is also good, but the service is sketchy there, so I tend to avoid it.

        10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3, CA

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          I agree about the Thanh thanh - 10718 101 Street Northwest. The Beef satay soup is good and spicy!

          1. re: bigfred

            Service is sketchy at Boualong? I haven't had that experience at all. We just took friends last week and the service was great. What I do think is sketchy is their refusal to take plastic of any kind, especially given that a single noodle or curry dish can run close to $20. I mean, it's one thing that King Noodle only takes cash, but then, it is nearly impossible to spend more than $10, but for a Thai dinner for 4, it was $90. No visa machine is just bad customer service.

          2. Double Greeting Wonton Noodle House is very good Cantonese. It's a bit grungy, and in a spotty area, but if you walk along Jasper Avenue first, and at noon, you'll be fine.

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            1. re: Sonic Monkey

              I was going to recommend that too, but Spicy Garden is closer.

            2. I would say Pagolac or Golden Bird in Chinatown for the best Vietnamese food. Just remember, you are going for the food, not the atmosphere. Pagolac has the best rice vermicelli and Golden Bird is just good all around (the only thing I don't like there is the ginger beef).
              If you will be here over the weekend at all, check on the downtown farmer's market on Saturday. You'll find some great baking and a few lunch ideas as well.

              I haven't seen anyone mention sushi yet, and I'm afraid I don't know of any good sushi close to where you'll be.

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              1. re: CulinaryRD

                Mikado is the best... but is a little further out.
                Kyoto, but is also a bit of a walk.

                1. re: anonymoose

                  Kyoto is well past its prime, when they expanded and became a chainlet with minimum wage "sushi chefs" with two hours of training.
                  Stick to Mikado. For what Kyoto used to be try MISO on 149th and Stony Plain. it is one of the locations that broke away from the chainlet and is owner operated, likew when Kyoto started near the University of Alberta .

                    1. re: anonymoose

                      And Mikado is hardly inexpensive.

                      Although I have never tried it, what is I Heart Sushi like? that would be close by.

                      As far as specialties, I would recommend Famoso Pizza, true Napolean (is that the correct term?) Pizza, best thin crust pizza around. Also The Dutchess bakery is by far the best bakery in town, however it is not healthy at all it is a French patisserie.
                      There is some great coffee downtown if that interests you, Credo and Transcend are nearby.