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Sep 2, 2011 06:28 AM

The Toronto Best Beef Jerky

Yes? Hi! We are tired of the beef jerky at the Esso. Many times we get the beef jerky from the Schefflers at the St. Lawrence market. They do the extra special and ask if you want the soft or the tough but they dont make the extra special in the prices (they are the very expensive).

The other very good jerky is the elk jerky at the North St. Lawrence Market (Vashi always makes the jokes and says he eats the Bambi).

Where else in the Toronto can you find the super beef jerky that doesnt come from the gas station.

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

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  1. My favorite brand is Soo Jerky available in most Chinese Supermarkets...Made in Canada and one of the more expensive brands.

    Another which I haven't found yet in Toronto is BKH brand made in Vancouver....also pretty good.

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    1. re: T Long

      Learned that BKH brand Jerky will be featured on Dragon's Den on September 21st on CBC. Maybe this Jerky will be then be available in Toronto if things work out.... Hopefully they will maintain their quality if they move to mass production.

      1. re: T Long

        BKH Jerky asked for $150K for 25% of the company to expand marketing beyond their single store in Vancouver. They got their money, but for 50% of the company. On a food side, the panel all loved the jerky! As I write this, I'm sampling their product that was brought back from Vancouver.....yummy.

          1. re: T Long

            Have you tried ordering online? I would like to try this.

            Bagahon is good, but the ones I have in Asia when I go back are obviously better. There's also Oriental Recipes at First Markham Place, although I find Bagahon to be tastier.


            1. re: aser

              I've not tried ordering online yet. My current supply was brought back for me by relatives visiting Vancouver.

              1. re: T Long

                I saw this on DD this week. Sorely tempted to try it via shipping method...

                1. re: T Long

                  WagJag is offering 30% off until Oct. 2. $49 for 2 lbs or $89 for 4 lbs of Singapore Style BKH Jerky (Up to $127 Value). All costs include shipping.

                  1. re: LTL

                    Thanks for the heads-up...much appreciated!

              2. re: T Long

                The photos of the beef jerky on the "shopping" page doesn't exactly make you want to buy it.

                1. re: syoung

                  Photos look accurate. Packaging is something the Dragon can fix. If you are referring to the char, that is there for most things put through a BBQ process.

          1. Costco sells BBQ pork jerky. Not too salty, good bite. My personal favorite

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            1. re: parkerxt

              does anyone remember the jerky that came in small plastic packages? it had a bull with a bullseye on it and the package was orange for the original flavour, a little vague but you never know, right......

              i used to eat that stuff all the time as a could get it at the outdoorsman show and the international centre but i haven't been in a while....

              1. re: nevrenuf

                Based on your description, I did a few Google searches. Perhaps the product is Iron Bull Beef Jerky?

                1. re: nevrenuf

                  I remember it and have been searching for it for years... it never had a brand name, just an orange package, small clear window at the bottom center to display the jerky, top was a silhouette of a cow (not a bull, but a cow), and just the words BEEF JERKY bolded in the middle.

                  The teryaki flavour was a lighter orange/brown.

                  I've made a crude, but VERY close depiction of how it looked... just picture the cow with a bullseye behind it. (the white box is the clear window)

                  1. re: frith

                    Has only been able to find that beef jerky in the small orange package? I remeber it to, buying it at the outdoorsman show, I have been seaching as well and not found it. It was thin shavings of beef, not so chewing but more dry. It sounds exactly like the brand you guys are looking for. No it is not iron bull, i am sure it was canadian made and poosibly had the word survival in the name.

                    1. re: frith

                      Hey, I know it's been like 2 years since you posted this, but I know the exact stuff you're talking about. There were the orange packages, and red ones, and I think a few other colours as well. They were based out of Lindsay, Ontario, and the company sold in about 2003, I think. I've been trying to look them up myself because I was telling someone about this jerky recently. From what I gather, it doesn't exist anymore.
                      *Decent picture, by the way. That's what led me here. I've been trying to think of what else to search for the find an image of it and yours is the only one that popped up. I was like... that's IT! Sort of. hahaha.

                      1. re: V4Rain

                        I sold the Jerky at the Sportsman show and distributed for several years in the mid 80's. It was called A&D Brand Beef Jerky and was made in Lindsay, Ontario

                        1. re: Ghotiman

                          Is A&D Still around? I loved their stuff!

                2. This is a really good jerky, and worth ordering online. Original flavor is still the best. I have eaten it for years and years since the co started in the 80's.


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                  1. re: MiniMom

                    Seconding (and ordering some) LongView right now!

                    1. re: eller

                      i guess no one remembers the stuff i'm talking about, eh?

                      oh well, for anyone mail ordering check these guys out - - everything was awesome when i was there, double smoked landjaegars (game and non-game) were especially good....

                      1. re: eller

                        Let us know how the order process goes for you.. i only get it when i am in Longview on holidays which nowadays is not often.

                        1. re: MiniMom

                          The ordering process was fairly simple; I selected my product, hit submit and got a call later that day to confirm my order and to obtain my credit card number. The product came by standard mail a few days later and I was a happy, happy girl.

                          Forget the dried out jerky you've had elsewhere. Longview's product is moist, has a great 'chew' to it and is moderately seasoned. I really wish it was sold in retail out here.

                          1. re: eller

                            I am going to have to order some, it's still has the same flavour since they sold it Longview public school when we were kids and was .75c a piece.
                            Yum still the best ever.

                            1. re: MiniMom

                              that post was redundant...i already posted it...

                              @ frith - i will try to make it to the outdoorsman show again this year...but who knows...

                              i'm really surprised that no one remembers that stuff...

                              1. re: nevrenuf

                                I remeber it, I am sure it is the jerky I have missed all these years, small orange package, bought at sportsman show in toronto. Let me know if you find it.

                    2. The original comment has been removed