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Sep 2, 2011 06:22 AM

What is great and near the Raleigh Art Museum?

Looking for something great near the Raleigh Art Museum.

We'll be there either Saturday or Sunday and looking for a place to eat lunch.


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  1. Do you mean the NC Museum of Art on Blue Ridge Road?

    If so, the restaurant there, Iris, is supposed to be quite good.

    Be aware that there aren't any other restaurants within an easy walk.

    The surrounding grounds cover a lot of territory - very nice for strolling and finding a pleasant picnic spot. Do take the time to find the Cloud Chamber - it is just fantastic - my favorite place to bring visitors!

    If you are interested in an easy picnic then Neomondes is not too far. They are a wonderful middle-eastern deli (eat-in or take-out) and you can source a terrific selection there.

    Chubby's Tacos has a location close by. Their food is fast, tasty and reasonable.

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      And Bella Monica is down the road . Turn right coming out of the Museum. Keep straight on Blue Ridge Rd and it becomes Duraleigh. Bella Monica is in the shopping center on the right at Duraleigh and Edwards Mill Rd. It's a not half bad Italian. Flatbreads are good and they have a killer spaghetti and meatballs.

      Bella Monica Restaurant
      3121 Edwards Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

      1. re: TerryG

        And of coarse Char-gill is in that same shopping center. Huge hamburgers and fries. Take away, side out side only. A Raleigh classic.

    2. Assuming you've got a car, just a few minutes away is Glenwood Grill or Hereghty's both in the same small center at the corner of Oberlin and Glenwood. Had dinner at Glenwood Grill recently and it was excellent - Southern caesar salad had grit cakes instead of croutons. It was to die for. Hereghty's is a French bakery/bistro with wonderful pastries and sandwiches. Let us know where you ended up. Neomonde always good if you want something Middle Eastern, but not much atmosphere there.

      Glenwood Grill
      2603-151 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27608

      1. If you are going to the NC Museum of Art, keep in mind that you're only 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh, North Hills, and much of Cary. As others have pointed out, there's nothing within walking distance of the museum, for some reason, they planted it on a patch of land in the middle of nowhere.

        Let us know if there is something in particular that you're craving, and we can give you some more fine-tuned recommendations.

        1. Iris is quite good. They may be busy, however. Their service is fast, and the atmosphere is as nice as the food. I agree with the recs for Chubby's and Neomonde. Skip Bella Monica, it's pretty blah.

          Bella Monica Restaurant
          3121 Edwards Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

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            I have thoroughly enjoyed several lunches at Bella Monica, so I looked at kfhad's 3 posts: this one, one in Prairie Provinces, and one in MSP-St Paul. Trust the locals who tell you that Bella Monica is a nice little Italian spot.

            Bella Monica Restaurant
            3121 Edwards Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612