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Sep 2, 2011 04:03 AM

Where to buy rice clay jar in (Eastern) North America?

Hello, I am looking for something similar to the one in the picture. It is a clay jar used to store rice (and possibly other food as well) and is very popular in South Korea.

We tried to bring one back (not as big as the one in the picture) from South Korea on a recent visit but it is a tad too big for carry-on bag and I was told by the post office it is too fragile to be shipped through the mail.

if you guys know where to buy this kind of item in (Eastern) North America, please let me know. My preferred location is Toronto but I am open to driving to New York, Boston if necessary. Thanks.

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  1. some maybe where to find

    you may find searching for Onggi Pots,Yesan Earthenware Rice Jars and Kimchee Pots will help a bit more

    as may

    your picture is of traditional Onggi Pottery,close would be Yesan Earthenware

    Here,the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC at the more traditional,older Korean Markets. Jars like your picture turn up every now and then in various sizes-tennis ball to large melon Rarely do the big 2-3 ft tall ones for kimchee appear.

    Also "KOREA TOWN" in New York maybe a source.A post in the correct ? NYC or Outer Boroughs board may help.

    In your area of Canada there are several importers of Japanese ceramics that I deal with and will ask later this AM.

    Don't rule out asking the South Korean Embassy in Canada.The staff is flattered and often very helpful.I have had great success with that route all over the world for products etc.

    1. Jeesh, just go to PAT in Toronto. Start there and check other Korean grocers/houseware shops. Most places like PAT carry these.

      1. Are you looking for this clay pot for storage purposes or for making Kimchi?

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          This clay pot will be for storage. My wife called one of the PAT stores in Toronto (we are in Ottawa) and they do have this type of pot but small sizes.

          We will have to make a trip down there sometimes and see what they have. A poster on another board suggests I can also try Chinese supermarkets or even T&T, although I have not seen anything of this nature for sale at the local T&T here (not sure about the bigger ones in Toronto or Vancouver)

          1. re: canabiz

            If you had been interested in a pot of kimchi fermentation I would have suggested Harsch.

            1. re: sharhamm

              I still think PAT or other Korean shops would have what you're after unless you want this absolutely giant size. Think about shipping cost and fragility as explanations for why they're scarce. T&T isn't likely to carry these since they really don't cater to the Korean market.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                A trip to the good ol' T.O. is in order, no doubt about that. Thanks for the suggestions guys. My wife did contact Galeria (one of the Korean markets in Thornhill?) couple of years ago to inquire about this but they didn't carry any at the time.

                Things might have changed since and we will check PAT out as well as Galleria and H-Mart. We will call first to make sure they at least have something in stock. You are right, Kag, these bad boys are too fragile to ship through the mail.

                1. re: canabiz

                  PAT usually has a range of lidded ceramic pots for kimchee, some easily big enough to swallow a 10lb bag of rice or more. You will be out of luck when it comes to the 2 1/2-3ft tall versions.

                2. re: Kagemusha

                  Yes and no down here in DC.Our Asian markets culturaly cross pollinate with goods and food.And in the 21st century carry fewer of old fashioned traditional kitchen goods that have a MODERN replacement.

              2. re: canabiz

                Tennis ball to grapefuit size is easy here in DC 10% of the time only.Little ones make great salt jars etc.
                Once watching the inventory go up and down I asked about large jars.Received complicated answers.Real persistance got my size on the next ?order.I don't think they have any interest here in stocking them.A by product,filler with other ?orders.

                1. re: lcool

                  I saw a pot that is pictured in the link below this weekend at H-Mart, just a little north of Boston this weekend. $89.95, it had a flat top and was about 18" tall and it had the flat top. They called them fermenting jars.

            2. FWIW, I've heard really great things about this potter, who has studied making onggi in Korea. However, I have a feeling his handmade onggi will be quite expensive compared to what you will find in Korean markets. He lives in Colorado, but can ship.

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              1. re: will47

                @ will47, thank you for your endorsement of my Onggi jars. I think that most people will find that my prices are quite competitive, especially when compared to that of factory produced Onggi jars found in the North American market. There is a very real difference between the two, traditional hand-made Onggi are breathable and provide the ideal environment for fermentation, while a factory made Onggi will do the job, it lacks the breathable properties. I make the comparison to oak wine barrels here in the west, sure you can make wine in any container but for those who prefer a quality ferment a quality fermentation vessel is important. Cheers, Adam