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Sep 2, 2011 02:55 AM

looking for: several upscale dinner venues for a large group in Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra

Hello everybody,

our company is planning its Annual General Meeting in Lisbon in June 2012 and for this occasion we need dinner venues, at least two formal, one especially nice for a Gala Dinner, and one more or less informal. It should be something special, maybe a traditional location, has to be very nice and clean with a good athmosphere. The food has to be very high quality of course. The location could also be outside (naturally with the possibility to set up a tent if necessary). The venues could be in Lisbon, Cascais or Sintra, as our hotel will be in Cascais or Sintra and the conference in Lisbon.
Now here is the callenge: I'm talking about a group of 180 people.

So far, I had a look through the forum and came up with two very promising proposals, what is your opinion on those?

Na Ordem... com Luís Suspiro
Restaurante Tavares (has it enough capacity? it doesn't say on the webpage)

It would be great if some of the nice helpful people here (vinhotinto75, monchique? ;-)) could propose some venues more, we will go and have a look at them at the end of the month so if we have a big variety, that's very much appreciated.

Thanks for your help,

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  1. Jasmin
    Two names spring to mind for your gala dinners, with that number of people:
    First of course the Ritz Four-Seasons:
    and 2nd) the Grande Real Villa Italia in Cascais:

    The Sheraton Lisbon can also cope with this sort of challenge (excellent chef) but not quite the same style...

    For your other event (less formal), Luis Suspiro na Ordem would be definitly my best recommendation, they can cope with this number of people. Tavares is too small.

    Also Porto de Santa Maria (Cascais, Guincho) on the beach. Only serve first class fish and shellfish, with matching price, but they do give very good prices for functions.

    These are all places where we have organised venues for gastronomes, I might think of more...

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    1. re: monchique

      Thank you very much, monchique!

      As I said, we will be checking out the venues in the end of September, so I hope I will be able to tell you more by then. However, we are looking for something special, so it would be nice to find an alternative to the large hotels. I thought about the possibility of having the dinner in the Convento do Carmo (of course with external catering), I saw they already had similar dinners there, but I don't know how large it is. This year we had our AGM in Tallinn and the dinner was in a similarly stunning venue. Do you know what I mean?

      Again, thanks a lot for your help! :-)

      1. re: JasminGIRP

        Your problem will be to find a decent caterer... Obviously you will have to look into people who do weddings. Try google for "casamento Lisboa". There are quite a few old Quintas in the suburbs that can be hired for this occasion, but a Portuguese wedding style banquet is probably not what you require.However, here is a website: and probably a better one here:
        Good luck!

        1. re: monchique

          Thanks very much for your help, I will see how it goes and might come back to you with further questions. :-)

          1. re: JasminGIRP

            there are 2 more nice quintas: one in Pé da Serra with sea view, one on the road from Sintra villa to Palacio de Pena: Quinta Velha. If you want we can help you in finding a real good caterer for we work with several cooks...