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Sep 1, 2011 09:59 PM

Yukon gold potatoes - best way to prepare

I'm serving grilled salmon with haricot verts, Yukon gold potatoes and arugula. The dish will be served cold, as we're going out beforehand and there won't have time to cook anything when we return. How should the potatoes be prepared? The recipe says to serve them sliced, but should I boil them, bake / roast them, or something else entirely?

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  1. they would be nice boiled, sliced thickly, tossed with chopped fresh herbs (whatever you like, parsley, thyme, rosemary) plenty of salt and pepper, and melted butter. or a very good extra virgin olive oil. minced shallots too.

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      Are you suggesting raw or cooked (minced) shallots? I know the taste is quite mild, but I like the idea and am just wondering which you would advise

    2. Boil or steam them ahead of time, then peel and refrigerate. Slice them and warm them up (microwave on low power) just before serving, drizzle with melted herb butter.

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        About how long should they be boiled? Can the peel be left on, or is it too bitter or unpleasant tasting to do so?

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          The skin of a YG is papery in texture. The taste is innocuous but it's like chewing a piece of paper. Length of cooking time varies according to size, shape, and whether they were refrigerated or room temp to start. (Many people DO chill their spuds and onions.) If they are golf ball size, prick with a sharp knife at 12-15 minutes. They are done when it pierces to the center easily.

      2. Wash, boil whole (with skin) until tender, then mash roughly with a fork. Season with olive oil, garlic powder, s&p, and a whack of fresh herbs (chives, thyme and parsley all work well). Great warm, cold or room temp.

        You could also slice them into 1/2-inch rounds, brush with olive oil, season with s&p and grill them with the salmon. Top with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese while they're still warm. Delish.

        1. We're talking about my new favorite potato. You can roast them with fresh lemon juice, black pepper and salt, and sauteed garlic or shallots, and a little fresh thyme. Butter and a drizzle a little olive oil, don't cover them so the skins crisp a bit. Higher temperature at the end. Toss the arugula in or lay the potatoes on top. mmm now I want some!
          I do this with small yukon gold potatoes, if you get the larger ones, slice them length wise and do the same.

          1. Since they have to be served cold, I would boil them and then toss them with a vinaigrette of some type while they're still warm, so they soak up more of the flavors. I wouldn't use butter, as it can get unpleasantly pasty when cold. Go with a nice olive oil vinaigrette (more than you think you need, as serving them cold will dull the flavor/tartness/saltiness of the vinaigrette slightly) and they'll be delicious with the salmon and haricots verts.