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Sep 1, 2011 09:33 PM

Help with Greek wines....

A friend of mine is planning a private boat tour of the Greek Islands. Although I'm terribly jealous, I said I'd weigh in (hopefully with your help) on wines.
They gave him a list of choices for stocking the boat.
He's a real foodie...and appreciates good wine.
He'll be having dinner at various I guess this is for lunch and sipping.
Here's the list they gave him:
Whites--Kritikos Kourtakis, Rives, Domestica, Retsina, Tsantalia
Reds--Castel Danielle, Petit Chateau, Demistica, Boutari, Chevalier des Rhodes, Samos,
Retsina Kourtakis, Madodafni

I know that Greek wines have greatly improved since the last time I was there. And I've had some very nice dry wines from there, but don't recall much about them.
I believe that retsina is an acquired taste....and one that I don't want to acquire.
But other than a slight familiarity with a couple of the whites, I'm at a loss.
Suggestions please?
And thanks in advance.

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  1. I would imagine that anything local would be more refreshing and fun than stocking from US sources...but in your list, Demestica is to be avoided and Danielle, while pretty good is also nothing special. If you go to and click on Greece, you will find 25 wines listed with tasting notes. Astor is reliable when it comes to comments, and you can get a wider selection that what's listed above.

    1. It appears that you have listed both brand names and varietals in the same list. That can be confusing. Boutari wines are generally good. Kourtakis wines are better. I like Lazaridi wines, especially the red and white Amethystos.

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        Thanks. That's the way they sent the list to him....and I agree, it is confusing.
        But I'll try to Astor website.
        As I've been "googling", I've gotten even more confused!
        At least there's probably ouzo!