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Sep 1, 2011 08:44 PM

Mofongo vs Fufu

My BFF in middle school ate fufu but I didn't know what it was. I make riotous, but like it with riper plantains.Husband from Jamaica wants green plantain, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Gahh!) Here's what I stumbled upon.
"Cuban Fufu is similar to Mofongo Stuffing (a green plantain stuffing), but the recipe calls for ripe plantains. If you don’t like green plantains, you can make this sweet plantain stuffing mashed with bacon and onion. This recipe makes a sweet yet savory turkey dressing or side dish.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

4 sweet plantains (peeled and cut into uniform pieces
) 1/4 pound of bacon (cut into small pieces)
1 medium onion (diced)
4 cloves garlic (finely chopped)

"Caribbean fufu

In Caribbean and the nations with populations of West African origin, such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico, plantains or yams are mashed and then other ingredients are added. In the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the dish is described as mangú and mofongo, respectively. The difference between West African fufu and Caribbean "fufu" is noted in both the texture and the flavorings, Caribbean fufu and mofongo being less of a dough-like and more of a firm consistency. Another difference can be seen in mofongo, unlike Caribbean fufu and West African fufu the Puerto Rican mofongo is fried then mashed with broth and olive oil.
[edit] Origin

Fufu originated from Ghana, where it is pronunced "fufuo". The word fufu comes from the Twi language. It is eaten with light (tomato) soup, palm nut soup, groundnut (peanut)-abenkwan soup or other types of soups with vegetables such as nkontomire (cocoyam leaves). Soups are often made with different kinds of meat and fish, fresh or smoked. Fufu is basically pounded cassava or pounded yam pounded together with plantain. It is eaten with agussi soup or stew in Ghana and in the Northeast of Brundi.

Fufu is actually originally from Ghana from the Asante ethnic group.[citation needed] Settlers and migrants from India, Togo and Ivory Coast discovered it and modified it in their accord. The word 'fufu' has two possible derivations, both deriving from words in the Asante language (asante twi). White, fufuoop (silent p), is the colour of prepared fufu.[citation needed]; pounding, fu-fu, is the process used to produce it[citation needed]."

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  1. I have never prepared fufu or mofongo at home, so my experience is limited to eating them.

    West African fufu is just really, really bland, especially if it is made from cassava; you HAVE to eat it with some kind of sauce/soup/stew to make it palatable, in my opinion.

    Mofongo, on the other hand, while it's often much tastier with some kind of sauce to go with it, is flavorful enough to be enjoyed on it's on.

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      I would have to agree. I don't know that it was called fufu,I ate a lot of "pounded yarn" dipped in something like a stew while in Nigeria. Really needed the stew. I like plantain much better.