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Sep 1, 2011 08:39 PM

dinner/grocery delivery ideas in charlottesville -- please help!

a dear friend of mine lives in charlottesville and is unable to cook right now because of a family illness/crisis. can anyone recommend good places to have food delivered to her? she lives on mulberry avenue. i looked online but it seems that grocery delivery places like fresh direct don't deliver to charlottesville. she expressed interest in a place called ariana grill kabob house, which i'm going to get for the first night, but then i would like to plan a few more... can anyone local offer any suggestions? thanks in advance!

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  1. Presumably your friend is cooking again (hope so!) - but if not, you can certainly identify delivery restaurants in Charlottesville by using Google and typing in "Charlottesville restaurant delivery". It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes or so to find all of the delivery places, but your universe will be pretty limited - pizza, burgers, sushi, chinese - and none of it is particularly noteworthy.

    There is also an online grocery delivery similar to Fresh Direct - called Retail Relay - which will deliver to homes or provide pickup service. They source items from dozens of local retailers, including Whole Foods, and are extremely service oriented. You can find Relay on line at

    Good luck!

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      Another vote for Retail Relay. It's the best!

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        Thanks for posting about this, I sent it to my in laws, who are doing some in home care for their Mother and I think it will be very handy!

        Would Food of All Nations deliver? I know they have good prepared foods.

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          Food of All Nations has tons of products via I don't know that they themselves deliver, only through other services.

          For meal delivery, there's a lot of other services being that this is a major college town. , are two such options for a "catch all" website. Otherwise the earlier suggestion of googling individual locations is certainly effective.

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            Does Relay actually deliver to the door? My in laws seem to think they brought everything to a central location where you picked it all up.

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              Yes, for a few dollars they deliver right to your door. You don't even need to be there. They'll leave the containers on your stoop. Nice service!

              See here:

    2. Beer Run will deliver, and their food is really good. We were gifted a dinner of steak and scallops with a mixed 12 pack of craft beer. The guys from Beer Run delivered it still hot with the scallops cooked properly. Cannot recommend them enough!

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        Thanks for all of these suggestions -- they're really helpful!

      2. She seems to be close to the university, so might work for her. Basil, Jimmy John's and Pizza Hut also deliver, but aren't on there I don't think. Campusfood is cool because you can get coupon's on occasion, as well.

        Pizza Hut Restaurant
        540 W South St, Frederick, MD 21701