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Sep 1, 2011 08:13 PM

Favorite Session Beer

Looking for a good rec on a 12 pack for all day grilling and drinking over the weekend. Nothing >6% so I can actually make it to the end of the night. I'm usually a craft beer guy when having a few, but tend to go the Bud Light, Miller Light, Rolling Rock kind of route when the occasion calls for many beers. Any thoughts? Pale Ales, IPA's, Summer Ales, etc. Not big on too much malt. Not a huge wheat beer fan either.

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  1. I don't think it comes in a 12 pack, but I just tried Brasserie Dupont's Biere de Table Avril last week and loved it. Definitely light, crisp, a little green and very mildly hoppy tasting.

    1. Try Full Sail Session Lager (or Session Black). Both fit the bill perfectly.

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        That is one of my favorites when I'm out in the Pacific Northwest ...

      2. My session beer options usually consist of Victory's Lager or Prima Pils and really almost any solid German (or German style) lager or pilsner (below 6%, so no bocks and the like). If I had better access to them I would probably include English milds on that list as well but its trickier to find these reliably in a 12 pack format. But generally when I think session beer I think those types of beers (German style lagers and English style milds). Perhaps you could throw in Saisons since they are by definition low alcohol ales but Id submit they would be as tricky to find in quantity (and affordability) as the English milds are. And While I can accept some pale ales as session beers, Im not sure if I would ever count an American style IPA as a session beer although I know plenty of people do in this high hop era. Of course, some people count a mustang as a good family car because its fun to drive and gets you where you need to go. But to me its a stretch.

        1. Best bang for the buck for this kind of request imo is St. Pauli Girl. Gotta be within 6 months of bottling date though.

          1. Thanks for the replies. I forgot how much I enjoy Victory Prima Pils. I was thinking I'd pick up 2 six packs to mix things up. I've heard a lot of talk about the Full Sail beers, but have never tried any. Might be worth a shot.

            By the way, I was reading the forums at BeerAdvocate and saw some heated discussions on what constitutes a "session" beer. Most say under 4%, some say under 5%. For my purposes, I meant a "sessionable" beer. Meaning I could drink many throughout the day without being banged up by number 4.

            Sticking with the Victory thought, I remember really enjoying Victory Summer Love. Also just over 5%, but I think I can handle that. Decisions, decisions.