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Sep 1, 2011 07:45 PM

Run to Elkridge Furance Inn

Had an exqusite dinner on Saturday evening--the evil Hurricane Irene couldn't even keep us away.

There were only a few diners in the restaurant as the Chef had decided to close at 7p.m. and had his staff notify the reservation holders. We were lucky to be able to dine early on.

My husband's duck entree was as exquisite as always. It is one of the few dishes he always orders. I am more adventurous and order something different. The scallop/Shrimp entree was unbelievably delicious. I also loved the fennel/apple slaw.

Service has always been above aboard. The chef is delightful and comes to every table. I love the beautiful place settings and atmosphere.

This is a DESTINATION RESTAURANT. I am fortunate to live farily close by. But, let it be known, I would travel to dine at this lovely restaurant. It is truly a gem and most under rated. Meaning, I don't see any comments or activity with the Chowhounds with reference to this most wonderful restaurant. Definitely one of the area's best, FoiGras

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  1. Agreed; never had a bad meal there. No point waiting for a restaurant week, since their regular menu is a similar structure and price. They also do a great brunch.

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      A second (or third) -- we had a delightful meal there in early summer. Terrific preparation and attention to detail in surprisingly (given proximity to BWI) tranquil surroundings.

      1. re: lawhound

        A third (or fourth?) here. This is a wonderful restaurant in a lovely setting. Keep this place in mind, this restaurant deserves our support!

        1. re: ivysmom

          Yeah--thanks to you "ivysmom" and "lawhound." You both know a great restaurant when you dine there. I agree with lawhound's assessment regarding the "tranquil surroundings."

          The food is memorable. Thanks to both of you for your support to this most wonderful restaurant. Foi