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Bonefish Grill - Middletown

Yes, Middletown. There's a "Coming Soon" sign in front of Whole Foods on rt. 35. Always had good meals at this chain. Looking forward to having one in the neighborhood.

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  1. nice! this one is closer to me than the one in woodbridge.

    1. Passed by the corner space this afternoon. Bonefish Grill's are typically large restaurants, yes? This one will be quite small in comparison.

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        I think it will be fine. It seems to be about the same size as the last one I was in, maybe even a little wider.

      2. Bonefish Grill, one of the worst seafood restaurants on earth-- rival to Red Lobster!


        For a far superior seafood experience, Blue Water in Red Bank is about 100x better. Also Bahr's and Inlet Cafe in Highlands.

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          I have to disagree. I've always had very good meals at BFG, and many agree with that assessment. Close in quality to Legal Seafood. Bahr's is not much better than Red Lobster (and has nothing to compare with the biscuits), and Inlet Cafe has had many recent bad reviews.

          I haven't been to Blue Water yet so can't compare personally.

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            Never had a good meal at Bahr's. period. Never seen the inside of a RL. And, I haven't yet had a meal at Bonefish Grill or Blue Water but Inlet Cafe is hit or miss.

            Last delicious fish entree I enjoyed was the sea bass with braised baby bok choy at Nemo's. One of the most consistent places around (lately).

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              As an aside to all of this, we went to BWG a couple of days before the hurricane...so there were no excuses- horrible, tasteless oysters, boring special of lobster fra diablo- it had absolutely no taste, and maybe the worst rendition of grilled calamari on the East Coast- IMHO, avoid this place at all costs- Friendly service tho. One more note, when the owner came by and saw we didn't eat the calamari, he told us he'd "take care of it". Whatever that meant, it was on our bill and he took care of nothing. PASS!!

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                My parents love Bahrs in the Highlands. This is clear evidence to me that this place sucks. However, I have never been. Don't care very much for the Inlet Cafe either. For an overall good seafood experience, it's still the Belford Bistro for me.

                Belford Bistro
                870 Main Street, Belford, NJ 07718

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                Blue Water Seafood in Red Bank was awlful. I posted a reviewed about a month ago. Bahr is worse and the Inlet Cafe has been hit or miss. Too many "misses" and we have not been back in over a year. The best fish dishes in the area are still at the Belford Bistro.

                Belford Bistro
                870 Main Street, Belford, NJ 07718

                Blue Water Cafe
                11205 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach Township, NJ 08008

              3. Cantkick,

                I cannot possibly imagine why my innocuous post was removed, but if you were offended in any way, you have my regrets.

                To answer your earlier question....the restaurants in the flood zones most certainly received water damage....places along the Passaic River ,most notably,.... Totowa, Wayne, Paterson, Wallington, Lodi and Little Falls were hardest hit....but places affected in the corridors of 287, 80, 23 and 46.....that may not have had water damage probably suffered from loss of power, so they probably lost all their perishables at the very least. I noticed place that were fortunate enough to still have power were very busy in the immediate aftermath, but since the major roads were blocked, they were most certainly affected in receiving any food deliveries in the days after. I know all the restaurants at WillowBrook Mall were closed due to flooding and one side of Riverside Square Mall did not have power for a few days. I'm sure one of my hangouts experienced water damage...I saw that they had concrete barriers in place to try and ward off the expected overflow from the stream they are next to, but in passing a couple of days after, I saw a dumpster and dirt/mud in the lot.....not a good sign. The last big storm completely destroyed their interior.....and Irene was worse in terms of flooding overall.

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                  Thanks for the report. I don't specifically remember your post, but if there were anything amiss with it, I'm sure I would recall something. It's not clear to me, and I'm sure others, why many of the posts are removed from time to time.

                  FWIW, the one time we've ordered out since power came back to the area, a usually reliable place was pretty bad. It tasted like they used very stale ingredients. I wonder if others had similar experiences.

                2. I happen to like Bonefish quite a bit. I sure hope that it opens soon.

                  1. It will be nice to have a new place so close. I'll give it a try.

                    1. Yeah, how dare Bonefish not be as good as Le Bernardin!

                      1. I generally despise most chains but BFG can prepare a great fresh piece of grilled fish. Keep it simple and you won't be disappointed .We're not talking 5 stars but a good well prepared piece of grilled fish.

                        1. It's now open. (Actually, it opened a couple weeks ago.)

                          1. Ok, for those of you who don't know I'm not a big fish guy, nor a big supporter of chains, so Bonefish really isn't my thing. I have been to this location a few times because they have an excellent happy hour drink specials (for those of you who do know me, shocker right I know the best happy hours!!)

                            Alrighty folks, it was Sat. night we were in the area, had to pick my son up from a friends house so we decided to eat at Bonefish. (drove by chowda house, dead, drove by Lino's it was full, of locals so didn't feel the crowd......I despise Red Bank as a whole so we just drove over the bridge closer to where my son was).

                            Crowded, but seated immediately took a high top table in the bar area. Waitress came right over, brought a very nice loaf of bread, with a pre mixed olive oil concoctions. Very nice. Placed our drink orders, which we were told upfront would take a little bit because the service bar was in the weeds. No problem, brought us some water and we looked over the menu. Typical seafood place, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, shell fish, shell fish, shell fish, fish and shell fish / fish combo, 1 chicken and 1 land luber steak. (there might have been more chicken and steak dishes I just would NEVER order a steak in a place like Bonefish, even though they are the same corporate entity of Outback, correct?).

                            I actually do like Tuna Steak and they had a Tuna Steak "Japanese style" which didn't seem to offensive to me so I decided on that. Who was it; Jessica Simpson who said, Tuna is Chicken From the Sea, right? Well I figure Tuna "Steak" is like the cow of the sea, right? Anywho.....my wife ordered the grilled tilapia and an order of the bang bang shrimp appetizer, I had the corn/crab chowder.

                            Soup and app came in a timely manner, both were very good. The soup is hard to tell if it was made in house or pre-made and heated, it was good, the appetizer tasted fresh made and was very tasty.

                            Entree's came and I was a little apprehensive because the server never asked me the temperature I wanted my tuna cooked to, (rarer the better for me) so I was scared it would come out over done. To my surprise it was perfectly seared on the outside, and wonderfully rare, cool, on the inside. (I don't know if that is what Japanese style meant). It was served with rice and mixed veggies all of which were good. Honestly it was an excellent meal.

                            My wife enjoyed her tilapia, it looked like it was blackened to me, but she said it was just the char from grilling. She is much more a fish person than I, so I take her word for it.

                            Desert was suppose to be a pumpkin creme brulee' but alas they were out so we shared a regular. It was very good and paired well with my espresso and Grand Marnier, which at this point of the night the service bar caught up and there was no delay.

                            All in all a very good meal, for fish! I must have done something good during the day since my wife treated, so I have no idea how much the check was!

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                              I think I have been 4 times and 2 times I left because of the wait. It doesn't matter what day, it seems to always be crowded.

                              They have some decent craft beer which I like. Overall, a decent chain. Their "bang bang shrimp" are pretty tasty.

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                                It was fairly late, let's say 9pm when we arrived, there was a wait for the dining room which is why we chose to sit immediately at the high top table/booth at the bar. It was perfectly comfortable for us.

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                                jrvedivic...Thanks for the post...unrelated question...how did you get your post down here? Who did you reply to? Thanks.

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                                  I just replied to the OP. Don't over think things when it comes to me, I ain't that bright.

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                                    I was asking because, I too applied to the OP...and mine appeared way up at the top, and your's down here...what gives? Thanks.

                                    PS...no, my post is now down here. OK, don't pay attention to this. Sorry. LOL.

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                                      When you first reply it gives you a "preview" of your post up top directly under the OP. Once you exit the thread and re-open our posts drop to their appropriate spot in line with the thread.

                                      ps you still didn't tell me the dish you like at Bonefish!

                              3. I've gone to Bonefish to meet with a friend for a drink. The one in Paramus offers excellent specials and a very good Happy Hour. It's kind of a "hot spot" lol. I've also stopped in later at night, again to meet a friend, for a drink.

                                That said, the ones I've been to -- are always crowded. Doesn't mean it's good, just popular with a certain market, segment, etc. We are not talking fine-dining here. It's a chain with a business model and it has it's market.

                                I know several people who like it, have gone, etc. -- and for what it is, it seems to work for a lot of people. I won't go there to specifically eat, but I've ordered an appetizer or two because I was sitting there at the bar -- and it was what it was. Actually there's one dish there I kind of liked. If was sitting at the bar, I'd order it again if I was hungry.

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                                  You pretty much sum up most of my experience with Bonefish up until this past Saturday night. Now don't be a tease.......what's the one dish you liked????

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                                    I did...think I hit the wrong button...it was the bang bang shrimp or whatever it's called.

                                    I saw it...it looked good, and I took a shot, LOL. Actually, it was good. Mine was prepared well and I liked it for what it was and where I was. We're not talking about U-12's and the best seafood house in NYC here. LOL.