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Sep 1, 2011 06:55 PM

A Wedding Venue with GOOD food?!

I'm looking to get married in the fall of 2012. I am trying to find a venue and finding it to be a difficult process - wondering if any of you can help me. We have about 200 guests and I'm looking for a place that is beautiful, naturey, outdoor ceremony and classy. My top pick is The Garrison but they are basically out of dates and we'd rather not wait till 2013. Any ideas? Our budget is approx $150 pp but we'd obviously prefer to spend less. We're also looking at The Kittle House in Chappequa which is lovely but I fear the room is too small. Thoughts??

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  1. Have you considered Le Chateau in South Salem? It meets some of your criteria--don't know about their prices or the size they can accomodate.

    Le Chateau
    RR 35, South Salem, NY 10590

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      Thanks Otisman. Unfortunately they max out at 175 guests. Appreciate the suggestion though!

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          I was just going to say the same thing!!

      1. Have you checked the various Abigail Kirsch venues? Can't remember what their capacities are, and their costs may be too high, but their Tarrytown and Bot. Gdn spots are lovely and they're a pleasure to deal with.

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          Thanks! I've always thought AK was out of my price range but perhaps I'll reconsider.

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            I think AK is out of your price range if the $150pp incl tax and tip otherwise it might work.

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              Doesn't the Garrison have a sister resto near-by? In westchester to fit your criteria in terms of food and size only you have: whitby castle, wainright house (tented) & only if cornerstone is catering it, Lyndhurst also tented and not sure of who caters there now but it used to be good (2 years ago), the capital theater (3 years ago--forgot the caterer but it was a spectacular event. Also for just under 200 the cv rich mansion (2 years ago) did a custom event for our company and it was superb. Not sure of the budgets though...good luck. Let us know what happens please!

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                Wow thanks for all the great suggestions! I'll look into them!

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                  Tavern at Highlands Country Club is the sister restaurant of Garrison, and they do weddings too. It's got a different vibe, which I prefer. The ballroom is very nice and the food is excellent.


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                    I agree with everything you said ice cream. We went on your recommendation and really enjoyed the food and ambiance. I posted some photos of our dinner. We were seated in the enclosed terrace the ballroom is through the french doors.

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                      the ballroom is the very first xaviars restaurant...georgeus

            2. we had an awesome experience at Tappan Hill Mansion; my son's wedding in July; everything you are looking for, but I know nothing about price, but food, everything was outstanding

              1. Abigail K will run you $200+
                Kittle house is nice, but a bit frumpy.
                I got married at Le Chateau in the outdoor space at sunset-fantastic. The service was great and the only thing I needed to worry about was the band. They took care of everything else.
                For $150 a person, you are not going to get 5 star food.

                Le Chateau
                RR 35, South Salem, NY 10590

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                  Did we find out if the $150 was inclusive of tax and tip? big difference. we did an event at tappan hill and it was $150 pre-tax & tip but it was also a friday in february and they had another party in the other room. food was super. service was better. a little hungry afterwards but the dessert display was incredible.

                2. The food at our daughter's wedding earlier this year at C.V. Rich Mansion in White Plains was wonderful - surpassing our expectations. We loved the atmosphere of the mansion and so many of our guests raved about the food and the service. They were very willing to work with us on price, although some of that was undoubtedly due to the off-season date.

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                    Sounds good. Tight on time this week but planning to follow up/visit a great deal of these places. thanks all!