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Arizona restaurant week

the website for Arizona Restaurant Week is including menus now....what looks really great to you? Any top choices yet?

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  1. I would consider BLT Steak, A Different Point of View and anything at the Biltmore but I would like to see the menu options before I reserve. I clicked on the link through opentable but only see the regular meny for the restaurant. Please give me the menus link. Thanks in advance.

    BLT Steak
    5402 East Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

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        Thanks for the link. I also like Vincents on Camelback and the Stockyards.

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          We had two business diners at Vincent's, not even contemplating Restaurant Week, and can say that they were filled. Do not know if that's a good sign, or not, but the crowds were certainly there.


      2. We really enjoyed Different Pointe of View earlier this year for AZ spring RW.

        I'm leaning towards trying someplace new and like the menu at Latilla at the Boulders resort, or The House at Secret Garden. I'm also a big fan of Chef Mecinas' Mexican cooking at the Four Seasons and the menu at Crescent Moon also sounds great. My husband, on the other hand, has to have a filet choice. Most of the options at the standard steakhouses sound boring to me, so for him I'm thinking BLT Steak or Talavera.

        10600 E. Crescent Moon Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85262

        BLT Steak
        5402 East Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

        Different Pointe of View
        11111 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020

        Crescent Moon
        10600 E. Crescent Moon Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85262

        34631 N. Tom Darlington Drive, Carefree, AZ 85377

        The House at Secret Garden
        2501 E Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042

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          A busy week so far, so we can actually only make one. I had to scratch the spot I had decided on for earlier this week for my choice - Latilla.

          E decided for his pick he wants to try a steakhouse neither of us have been to, so we have reservations for Mastro's City Hall. I'll probably order off-RW menu since I tend towards seafood, but don't want to bust the budget. Any suggestions or recommendations? I'm thinking perhaps starting with Oysters Rockefeller and the side dish of lobster mashed potatoes or maybe crab gnocchi for my main. It's our first visit to any of the Mastro's, I would really love any thoughts/suggestions!

          Mastro's City Hall Steakhouse
          6991 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

          34631 N. Tom Darlington Drive, Carefree, AZ 85377

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            if you have never had them, i would say the lobster mashed potatos are a must

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              Thanks, that's all that I needed to sway me. Lobster mashed potatoes it is!

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              Reporting back on Mastro's.

              First, we were seated at one of the two tables that are next to the bathroom (restaurant not full) so we had to stand there awkwardly while the hostess took a few minutes to walk back up front to talk to somebody to see if she could seat us at another table (which they did). Not the best start. After that though, we had great service. It was definitely a RW week value as the filet alone is normally $36, and the sides of garlic mashed potatoes and creamed spinach for E were enough for two. The filet was excellent and the cheesecake classically creamy, but the Caesar was rather mundane. I also was a bit disappointed in my choices prep-wise. The Oysters Rockefeller had pieces of shell in 4 out of the 6, and although it tasted good, the lobster in the lobster mash was a little overcooked (BTW, it's meat from a full 1-1/4 lb lobster with Old Bay and parsley butter over garlic mash - $34). Overall, glad we finally got to Mastro's, but agreed there are other steakhouses we like better.

          2. Vincent's, Binkley's, and Citizen Public House are looking interesting! Making reservations.....

            6920 E. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, AZ 85331

            Citizen Public House
            7111 E. 5th Avenue, Suite E, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

            1. Seftel has an AzCentral article listing his 10 favorites for Restaurant Week FWIW ...


              1. going to The Mission for the first time tonight - menu looks good

                1. We made it to Tapas Papa Frita last night, altogether a very good choice. Stopped at the bar for a drink before dinner; glass of sangria for him, an Albarino for me. I appreciate that they are very up-front about the prix fixe menu; there's no being made to feel like a cheapskate for requesting it; and they are sure to let you know that if a full three courses seems daunting, any of the RW dishes are available a la carte at about $10. Smart, I think; people tend to head to a tapas bar for snacks, not for giant plates of heavy food. The service was excellent and the setting very nice on the patio, quieter than the flamenco performance going on inside.

                  One of us chose the prix fixe and the other stuck with the tapas menu, pretty much because we vacationed in the Pays Basque this summer and there were some tapas we loved and wanted to know if there are comparable versions here in Phoenix. The leek pie and oxtail stew were standouts, and the RW entree of pasta shells stuffed with cheese and jamon iberico was rather large - leftovers made a nice breakfast, though. I can also recommend their morcilla for the more adventurous -- sort of a garlicky blood and rice sausage, black and rich, and addictive when done well. Plenty for the more staid, though, they do less exotic plates of tenderloin, salmon, and paella.

                  We'll definitely be back; they had much more of the pulgas and tapas on the menu that I've been missing: txistorra, chiparron. They even had one or two portions of angulas left , those tiny spaghetti-like eels-!

                  1. Went to The Mission for RW on Saturday

                    We started with some food not on the restaurant week menu and got the tableside guac along with salsa and chips which was good - thin fresh chips, salsa was fresh with a minor bit of heat, it wasnt $12 guac but it was still tasty

                    Then the apps came out and we went with the pork belly (one person ordered the chicken posole soup) the pork belly was crispy on the outside and tender and delicious on the inside and it was my favorite part of the meal - it had hints of cinnamon throughout (the entire meal did)

                    For the main I went with the jerk rubbed tenderloin, and unfortunatly the entree came out lukewarm or room temperature (they were extremely busy) and it was still good, but I ordered mine medium rare and the rest of the table had theirs cooked longer so theirs came out proper temperature and mine had obviously sat - so they were much happier with theirs than i was, however it was still a solid dish - i just wish it didnt have many of the same flavors of the app

                    The dessert i got the churros and milkshake, the churros didnt have quite enough flavor on their own but with the shake they were pretty good but not amazing

                    the passilla xo cake i sampled tasted heavy of raisens and i was not a big fan but everyone else liked it and the 3rd dessert of scotch bread pudding was solid but not amazing to me

                    Overall we had a good meal, although it didnt blow me away - i think everyone else was more impressed than i was and it was the general concecous of the table to give the place a revisit when it was not RW

                    The service was slow but that was fine for us as we were not in a rush dinner was about 2.5 hours or so they did comp us a couple rounds of tequilla as well for the delays, which was a nice touch

                    Cocktailwise went with their Hendricks drink that was on the menu thought it was bit sweet overall and had too much agave nectar / honey in it

                    i would say 3.0 to out of 5

                    1. Loved Binkley's! Top notch food and service. Two of us did RW menu with shrimp app, jidori and braised chicken main, and chocolate dessert. Two did tasting menu and we all did wine pairings. Terrific extra small dishes with so much flavor and variety. Definitely my top place.

                      6920 E. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, AZ 85331

                      1. did two steakhouses, BLT and Arrowhead Grill. both solid values and we eat at both occasionally anyway. BLT stuck with steak, jalepeno mash, green beans, the gruyere popovers and roasted beet app also set a nice tone. AG we mixed it up with BB ribs and a pork porterhouse the size of my head. definitely best value found this time. sides were solid as well with nice cream corn and green chile mac. worth a stop next time!

                        Arrowhead Grill
                        8280 West Union Hills Road, Glendale, AZ 85308

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                          I'm a big fan of both of those too. Just had a great bone-in beef porterhouse at Arrowhead Grill a couple of weeks ago. I was eyeing their RW menu, and would have ordered the pork porterhouse too.

                          Arrowhead Grill
                          8280 West Union Hills Road, Glendale, AZ 85308

                          1. re: Rubee

                            Just adding that today's newsletter from Arrowhead Grill says the $30 RW menu is still available this week, Tuesday-Thursday 9/27-9/29.

                            Course 1 (choice of one)
                            Caesar Salad
                            House Salad
                            Chopped Salad
                            Clam Chowder

                            Course 2 (choice of one)
                            8 oz Delmonico
                            Smoked Rack of Ribs
                            Fire Roasted Chicken
                            Macadamia Crusted Sunfish
                            Pork Porterhouse

                            Course 3 (choice of one)
                            Creamed Spinach
                            Creamed Corn
                            Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes
                            Mashed Potatoes

                            Arrowhead Grill
                            8280 West Union Hills Road, Glendale, AZ 85308