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Sep 1, 2011 05:58 PM

Ed's Lobster Bar Annex - First Impressions

I've been to the Lafayette Street Ed's once, and I thought it was pretty damn good, so I was very excited to learn about this new branch, much closer to my home. It's in the old Sachiko's space, and man, I wish that place had fulfilled its early promise. Oh, well.

We started with a seafood salad, a mix of chopped lobster, shreds of crab, and slivers of calamari and scungilli with celery, lemon, parsley, garlic and oil. Shrimp was listed on the menu as an ingredient, but damned if we could find any in there. The salad had a pleasant flavor, but it wasn't really possible to taste the individual types of seafood since everything was all shmushed together.

My companion had a couple of lobster sliders, which he said were awesome. I wish I could opine on these myself, but he refused to give me even a tiny bite because 1) they were so awesome and 2) he is a selfish bastard. I had a fried oyster slider, which was very good, greaseless and with a nice brininess, and a half dozen (very small) littleneck clams, five of which were excellent, and one of which was a little suspicious. So if this is my last post, that's why. I've dropped dead from a bad clam.

There's plenty more on the menu I'd go back for, like the lobster meatballs and the oysters - there were five varieties available this evening. And based on the oyster slider, I would trust Ed's to fry calamari and clams well. Service was fine, but I was slightly taken aback when our server said it wasn't possible to order the skate slider sans spicy mayo. I very much doubt that these are pre-made and lying around in heaps in the kitchen, so I think she was just being difficult. Be nice to us, server lady, and we might order more food!

Ed's Lobster Bar Annex
25 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

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  1. I returned to Ed's with three friends this past Saturday night, and I think if anything, it's gotten better. We shared the oyster sampler: ten oysters (two of each kind available) for $20. The menu lists the price as $27, but the menu is wrong. Our server alerted us to another dish not on the menu (really, don't even bother reading the menu - just look at the chalkboard and listen to the staff), which was three sliders and fries for $15. So I finally got my mini lobster roll, which was very tasty, along with a fried oyster slider and that day's special slider, made with monkfish cheek and pretty fantastic. I was very pleased that the place wasn't packed to the gills, and the vibe was pleasantly low-key. After dinner, we went for drinks at Nurse Bettie, which was also sparsely populated and not over-loud, at least until 10:30 when it suddenly filled up with what looked like the cast of Girls times fifty. Ish.

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      Glad to hear you are alive and well.

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        Thanks. It was touch & go for a while, but I managed to pull through.

    2. Yeah, I have enjoyed this place. I have always been on off times, like 3pm on a sat etc, and usually have been the only group there, but I have found the service fine. The food is good, I think its one of the more traditional lob rolls in town, and pretty generously sized, as it should be for 26USD! I like this place, its chill, nice decor, good selection of seafood wines.

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        Had the fried clams at the original place a few years ago. As I was eating them I thought how odd they have no flavor. And then I noticed that the texture of the clams was so mushy. When I cut one open it was completely filled with cornmeal! Talk about purging, they went overboard on that. Never wanted to return.