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Apr 4, 2006 12:02 AM

Delivery in Silverlake?

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I am tired of the same old delivery options in Silverlake/los Feliz area

Any ideas. My usual places are Electric Lotus, Point Dume, various Thai

Help me out....

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  1. not sure which thai you order from, but Mae Ploy and Nad Pob on Sunset are options

    Agra (indian) up near the sunset/hillhurst junction delivers although it takes a bit

    Michelangelo Italian on Silverlake Blvd. at Effie delivers too.

    Hard Times over by Gelsons....

    ONce when I went to Anarkali on Melrose and La Brea (also Indian) they told me most of their delivery was to the Silverlake area.

    1. Feel for you -- we've ordered Michelagelo's about four times last month and in a desperate moment, tried to get one of those delivery services to deliver CPK (there's one in Glendale which should be able to deliver here, but they won't).

      Here's some places we use:

      Thai-Chinese: we get the bbq combo special -- chicken & spareribs which is good


      Wok Avenue


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      1. re: Silverlaker

        Louise's used to deliver to me in Glendale and they stopped about a year ago, inexplicably.
        CPK will deliver but you have to go through LA Bites and pay their exorbitant delivery charge.
        I don't know why no one delivers in Silverlake or Glendale.

        WE'RE HUNGRY!!! (and lazy)

      2. Try Allegria on Sunset-- incredible mexican food.

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        1. re: flax seed

          They don't deliver.

        2. There really aren't that many good delivery options in the area.

          Here's what I use:

          Nicky D's has decent pizza -- try the white clam & garlic. They are usually pretty reliable in delivering in under an hour and on-estimate.

          Farfalla -- Italian. Good food but often takes an hour + and they are rarely accurate with the time-of-delivery estimate. Also pricier than Nicky D's.

          Michaelangelo's -- also Italian. They are usually quick, and I like their salads and Grilled Chicken entree. Pizzas are hit or miss, but in a lighter, more traditionally Italian style than Nicky D's or Hard Times, so might be worth a go for variety's sake.

          China Inn -- Chinese. Average food, quick delivery.

          Rambutan Thai -- they have a pretty diverse menu and the food is usually well-seasoned. I used to order from Suriyo for Thai, but it's gotten really bland in recent orders. Although the food is good at Mae Ploy, their delivery service is VERY hit or miss. I'll have to try Nad Pob, recommended by another poster.

          I used to really like Agra (mentioned by another poster) for Indian, but the last two times I ordered from there, I was disappointed. In another thread, somebody said they thought it had been sold, so there's that to consider.

          I have a menu for a service called Silverlake Restaurant Deliveries. I have no idea how old it is, but it says it delivers from Alex, Cafe des Artistes, Il Capriccio, Tangier, Vermont, etc., but the website ( seems to be inoperative. The phone number is 323-953-1010 if you want to investigate further.

          I also have a delivery menu from Cirxa, but have never ordered from there and don't know if it's current.

          Nicky D's Wood-Fired Pizza
          Address: 2764 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039
          Phone: (323) 664-3333

          1978 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles 90027
          (323) 661-7365

          1637 Silverlake Blvd., L.A. 90026
          (323) 660-4843

          China Inn
          132 N. Glendale Ave., Glendale 91206
          (818) 247-4433

          Rambutan Thai
          2835 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 90026
          (213) 273-8424 (note this is a current menu, so the 213 should be correct. If no, check their webpage,
          3719 Sunset Blvd., Silverlake
          (323) 663-1048

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          1. re: DanaB

            I believe Cirxa has been closed for a bit and an asian food joint went in... also, the silver lake delivery service mentions Alex? They've been closed for more thena two years. My guess is the service is out of business then as well.

            1. re: echo eater

              I checked the LA Restaurant Ratings before posting, and Cirxa is still listed as of today. As to the restaurant delivery service, given the website was defunct, I figured it was, too, but if by any chance it wasn't, I thought it might give the o.p. a lead. Sorry for the outdated info!

              1. re: DanaB

                And the same owner who had Cirxa, Richard Kaye, will also be the owner of the new Asian place in its stead, or at least there is no abc posting notice to the contrary, and the place is looking like it is about ready to open, and thus also why the health Dept. had no other info.

          2. I want to revitalize this thread to see what else people come up with, having moved here recently. Here is my small list so far:
            Farfalla: About as good as delivery food gets. Highly recommended.
            Mae Ploy: I think it's "OK" Thai food, and it's nice to have for delivery. I'd usually rather just make an excursion to one of my favorites in Thai Town
            Nicky D's: Much better for pickup than delivery. Got soggy for delivery. Still, decent quality.

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            1. re: aventinus

              some updates:
              Farfalla: Still very good. They do a great job with delivery.
              Nicky D's: My favorite delivery pizza around here. White clam is very good.
              Nad Pob: My favorite Thai delivery. Authentically spicy, good ingredients, interesting menu, very good delivery.
              Rambutan: Solid Westernized Thai
              Garage Pizza: Decent quality pizza; expensive, not my favorite.
              High Times Pizza: Did not like.
              Agra: Only had for takeout. Decent Indian, nothing special.

              1. re: aventinus

                some more updates:
                Tomato Pie: Very good. My favorite delivery pizza; second favorite delivery place behind Farfalla.
                Nad Pob: Not as good as I said previously. The ingredients aren't always that fresh.
                Mae Ploy: Marginal Thai. About on par with Nad Pob.
                Rambutan: "Solid" was generous.
                Thai Taste: OK (to be generous)
                Chi Dynasty: OK American Chinese.
                Michelangelo's: Overpriced, unimpressive
                Two Boots: Pizza, two thumbs down.
                TG Express: OK Thai delivery, delivers into the wee hours of the morning
                Bulan: Pretty good Thai vegetarian
                Vegan House: Pretty good vegan food
                Flore Cafe: Solid vegan food

                There are a couple of places that deliver from afar. Their food is good, but I can't recommend delivery because of the distance:
                Jitlada: Some of the best Thai food around, but Silver Lake is a bit beyond the limits of reasonable delivery.
                Makkah Halal: Good Indian, much better than Agra and Electric Lotus, but delivery takes a lot of patience--more than I have.

                Finally, there are several places that deliver to Silver Lake through the website LABite. They tend to be mediocre, and the delivery fees make them very bad values.

                In sum, these are the only restaurants I recommend that deliver to me in Silver Lake: Farfalla, Tomato Pie, Nicky D's, Garage Pizza, Bulan, Vegan House, Flore Cafe, in that order.

                1. re: aventinus

                  Sepan Chicken in Atwater on Glendale has been open for about six months now and delivers to Silverlake.

                  1. re: aventinus

                    I second everything you said above and would add It's Thai -- a new, somewhat Westernized Thai restaurant (in a good way, IMHO) -- to the list of solid recommendations.

                    It's Thai
                    1311 N Glendale Blvd A, Los Angeles, CA 90026