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Sep 1, 2011 05:13 PM

Food shopping for Ocracoke...

I may be going to Ocracoke for a week in mid-October (renting a house with full kitchen) and since it's been about fifteen years or more since I've been there, I thought I'd ask for some food shopping advice. Is there still not much on the island in the way of grocery shopping? I'll be going on the Swan Quarter ferry and plan to stock up before I go, but I was wondering just how much is available there now. Of course, Irene could have changed things recently, but I'm hoping for a full recovery for the island by then. Supply chains, maybe not so much.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks!

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  1. I have not been to Ocracoke in a few years. My SO has been working out there off and on this summer and says there is not a full grocery - just a few convenience marts and fisherman's co-op.

    There is a smallish local grocery in Buxton which has a very good selection, much better than you would expect from the size. Prices were reasonable too. But with the storm damage I'm not sure this will be a workable option.

    Remember a Britta or bottled water - the water is not so good in some spots.

    Have a great trip!

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      Thanks, meatn3. I was just hoping there might be some selection if I blow through my provisions that I'm taking with me. Yeah, it's doubtful that there will be any access via the Hatteras ferry for the foreseeable future. And thanks for the reminder about the Brita. I'll put that on the list. Probably wouldn't have remembered that!

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        I couldn't remember if there was an ABC store. (Yes there is!) But while searching found this link:

        The options are better than I remembered!

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          I think Ocracoke should be ready for visitors by them time you're planning to be there. The Ocracoke-Hatteras ferry might be up and running, but I don't think Hwy 12 will be fully navigable yet, so best not to rely on any significant shopping once you leave the mainland.

          There is a Foodlion in Belhaven, just off hwy 264 on the way to Swan Quarter. As far as I know it's the last full service grocery store you'll pass on the way out there. It should be OK for packaged foods, plus basic produce and meat. Bring a couple of empty coolers and buy a bag or ice to keep everything cool on the long ferry ride.

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            Thanks, mpjmph. That was my plan. I'm glad to know what the point of no return, so to speak, on the grocery stores is.

            1. re: mpjmph

              Correct. There aren't any full grocery stores anywhere in Hyde County, even on the mainland. The Fresh Market in Greenville isn't too far from 264 either, if the OP is wanting some more upscale.

              Fresh Market
              4223 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

              1. re: Naco

                Thanks, Naco. Most non-perishables I'll take with me from home (Asheville) and will probably only stop for some produce and dairy that will have to go in a cooler. Good thing to know about The Fresh Market.

                Fresh Market
                4223 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC