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Sep 1, 2011 04:55 PM

Is American Kobe REAL Kobe??

I was watching Iron Chef tonite and the secret ingredient was American Kobe Beef. Now first of all, I didn't know there WAS any such thing as American Kobe. I have always thought that by definition, Kobe MUST come from Japan. So this begs the question, is American Kobe Beef REAL Kobe Beef?

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    1. PH, I think you're right. I think it can be Wagyu (the breed) but not Kobe (the location). Kind of like Champagne.

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        1. re: CanadaGirl

          +1 It can be exactly the same product, but if it isnt from kobe japan, its not "real kobe"

        2. My local Wagyu producer has their cattle's DNA tested in Japan, to Japanese standards. The process is very interesting and rigorous -- you might want to Google and read up on it.

          1. It's not Kobe beef unless it's produced in Kobe under some criteria.

            American Kobe beef is Wagyu cattle crossbred with Angus.

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            1. re: zfalcon

              That's not so. The best American Kobe is not crossed with Angus. I can get either from the same local producer. These cattle pass the same scrutiny as the Japanese animals. No difference, whatsoever.

              1. re: zfalcon

                To say Wagyu cattle are only represented in the US as crossbreed/mixed breed just isn't true.There are Wagyu crosses out there to build the breed into herds more quickly.Black Angus isn't the only or number one example in developing mixed herds.

              2. Kobe beef refers to a geographical place in Japan where Wagyu cattle are bred and slaughtered.

                The term "American Kobe Beef" is simply a marketing term.

                Sort of like someone selling you a bottle of "California Champagne" ...