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Gluten Free Meatloaf

I have been craving meatloaf, but I don't have any gluten-free breadcrumbs/crakers/cereal on hand, however I do have some of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free all purpose flour, does anyone know how I could make meatloaf with this as a binder? Or any decent gluten free meatloaf? MEATLOAF. I WANT.

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  1. Some Gluten-freers can tolerate oats; can you? If so, many meatloaf recipes use that as a binder. Or you could try cooked rice.

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      +1 on rolled oats. I used oats before going gluten-free.

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        Rice works, the stickier the better. You can indeed use extra egg or its flaxseed substitute, and Bob's Red Mill also makes wheat-free oats that you may or may not be able to tolerate.

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          Oats, put them through the food processor or not whatever you like + eggs. I have used this before anyone was GF on the family.

        2. I use rolled oats or milled flaxseed for a binder.

          1. You can use gluten free crackers, breadcrumbs from gluten free bread, or GF oats. Not sure you the flour would work, but GF meatloaf in general can definitely be done.

            1. I would not use any kind of flour in any kind of meatloaf. I agree with the cooked rice or grate up some potato and use that. But flour would just get pasty. I too vote for oatmeal, it's a standard.

              1. All of the above- I usually go for grated potato, but oatmeal is surprisingly good. As far as I know this stuff has no binding effect- you could skip it entirely, or use almost anything (not flour), corn meal, mandioc meal, crushed corn chips, corn flakes....

                1. I think the breadcrumbs in a meatloaf are more for softening the texture, so it doesn't come out like a big hard lump. That's why one often soaks them in milk or liquid first -- you introduce something that is soft and holds moisture into the meat. The egg binds it. So think of things that hold moisture and have a soft texture. Grated veggies come immediately to mind. I like to use grated carrot, onion, and/or zucchini, but I'm sure as others have suggested potato or rice would work fine.

                  1. As you specify you do not have GF crackers, breads, etc. on hand I too would vote for oats and egg. I have celiac and use GF breadcrumbs soaked in milk (called panade) as well as grated veg. Heck, you could even throw in some tomato sauce. I definitely would not use flour. To add great flavour you can grind dried mushrooms and add to the mix. If you have lentils you can grind those, too. A bit of flaxmeal or ground flax seed adds often-needed fibre and a nutty flavour. Do you have any GF English muffins or bagels?

                    If you do use oats they MUST be certified gluten free as there is a very high risk of cross contamination if they are not.

                    1. Use sea cucumbers, which I discussed previously here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/739904

                      1. do you have almond meal/powder/flour on hand? that'll work really well...

                        1. So has anyone done any experimentation on the binding power of eggs in meatloaf? I tend to think it's pretty minimal but haven't really nerved up to experiment; I don't make meatloaf all that often.

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                            Eggs are a common ingredient in meatloaf.

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                              I forgot egg once and it still tasted great, but it fell apart while serving.

                            2. I make the classic meatloaf recipe from Quaker Oats. This recipe is at least 50 years old.

                              For the rolled oats, I use certified GF oats.
                              I like this brand: http://www.amazon.com/Harvest-Gluten-...

                              And use GF versions of the other ingredients, if necessary.

                              1. My favourite gf meatloaf recipe uses ground flaxseed, hummus, eggs and rice milk.

                                1. Cornmeal? You can soak it beforehand, or partially cook it like polenta..

                                  1. Oats work very well with beef flavors, and texturally, rolled oats are ideal, too.

                                    If oats is a no-go, you can try parboiled rice.

                                    Finally, you could try grinding up some dried mushrooms in your coffe grinder, but this will change the flavor of the meatloaf (into something potentially more interesting).

                                    Any of the above with egg and liquid (like milk).

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                                      what a great idea - dried mushrooms ground.. or even just chopped, i s'pose.

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                                        like a great replacement for Lipton's Onion Mushroom Soup mix... just remember the mushrooms will eat up a lot of liquid...

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                                          LOL! Thanks, Emme, for the reminder. Sometimes the obvious is hidden from sight...