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Sep 1, 2011 01:21 PM

Family vacation Shanghai and Beijing

I am travelling to Shanghai with my family (husband and 14 year old) for three nights and will be in Beijing for 5 nights. We would like to experience good authentic food. Price is not an issue as we like to eat well. We are very adventurous eaters and I am looking forward to recommendations.

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  1. we also traveled to beijing / shanghai about a year ago.

    in shanghai, if it is hairy crab season, try xin guan for a very unique crab feast.

    also don't miss "jesse" restaurant -- maybe eat here twice -- it was our favorite.

    also in shanghai, try jia jia and yang's fry dumplings -- especially the ones at jia jia filled with real hairy crab roe.

    if you're staying at aman in beijing, we really enjoyed the (probably cantonese style) peking duck there -- for us, we even preferred to made in china.

    the street food is also great.

    there are lots of older threads on this topic -- suggest you read them and make a preliminary list for us to comment on.

    1. a long time expat, recommending

      1) Da Dong - Peking Duck, a bit touristy, but well worth it. get a reservation and you need someone to speak mandarin to make it. Start with the duck and then pick anything else in the telephone book thick menu to go along with it. 1 duck - 2 people

      2) Shannxi Noodles - Get the best noodle dish in china - you po che mian (油泼扯面) paired with the chinese hamburger rou jia mo (肉夹馍)at this place

      3) Sichuan Food - no better place than the official province capital hqtrs get dan dan mian and gong pao ji ding (kung pao chicken)

      4) a good change of pace is some yunnan food (province north of vietnam) this is a great place -

      5) lastly this is a the provincial restaurant from Xinjiang (the muslin region in the northwest close to all the "stans") Amazing muslim flavors and best leg of lamb you'll ever have - kao yang tui

      have fun

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        Many thanks for the suggestions. I am leaving in a week and will let you know upon return how it all worked out. There is just so much planning with shopping and eating and hotels and sightseeing. The last time I was here was 23 years ago. Really looking forward to seeing it again. Will definately do Da Dong and jesse. Will take the list and figure it out as we go.