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Sep 1, 2011 01:01 PM

Corelino's Coal Oven Pizza

Just took a shot and tried this place on the Southwest corner of Jog and Lantana Rd. in Lantana... What a pleasant suprise... Great pizza and great apps, I will be going back this weekend.... Finally a place that cares about people. We had the Corelino's Own pizza that has ham, mozzarella,mushrooms, roma tomatoes,and arugala.......A different switch of the south Florida pizza. Very tasty. We had a side order of the Sauteed spinach, Very refreshing.The owner and his wife will keep watch on you to make sure everything is up to par.. I was very impressed.

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  1. Oops, It's the southeast corner

    1. I've been waiting for a review of this place on here. It sounds like I need to give it a try.

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        Ate there earlier this year on Super Bowl Sunday. Pizzas were excellent, although pricey for the size. Would go back again. Strange thing that day: outside menu board touted their special of the day as veal Marsala, but a single man client came in to order it and they told him they ran out of Marsala (they suggested he wait for 1/2 hour so they could get more, but he left). One should always be sure to have ingredients for one's specials of the day.

      2. Stopped in again Friday night for a pizza fix... This has become one of my top 5 places in Palm Beach county. Not only is the food great, the service is fantasitc.

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        1. re: HotMelly

          The menu is very reasonably priced but CJT said the pizzas are pricey for the sizes. Now Grimaldis is what I would call pricey for their size @ $22 for a small (16in.) with 3 toppings.

        2. Went again last night... Had the calamari as a starter... Very good but could have been deep fried one more minute.... Had the "meat lovers pizza" Very good. The owner is very attentive and is always making sure everything is up to his standards.