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Sep 1, 2011 11:58 AM

Elemental service?

Hi, my gf and I will be in town this weekend for a wedding and want to have a nice dinner before the madness ensues. I was originally thinking Lark, sitka and spruce, canalis or art of the table. I saw something on another thread about elemental. I'm intrigued by the food, everyone seems to rave about the food but the service seems controversial. Even the yelpers seem to really like the food but abhor how they are treated. My question is, is this just a schtick kind of like an ed debevics or are they genuinely arseholes? I'd love to have a nice experience with seasonal, fresh food with innovative cooking, but if the service is really as bad as everyone seems to think, that would ruin the experience for us.

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  1. I haven't been to the set menu side, but you can order most of the same items a la carte at Elemental Next Door, which is, well, next door. "service" is relaxed, to say the least, and at least when we went very friendly. Maybe my favorite restaurant to order wine in, you'll see what I mean if you go. Anyway, might make a good option if you want to try the food but not deal with the service.

    1. We loved the whole experience, though we had been warned that the proprietor was not inclined to kow-tow to pretentious nitpickers. Let go of expectations and let the man feed you.

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        Thanks for the inputpusher and mrnelso, can you tell me anything about the average prices, before wine and beverages?

      2. Can anyone tell me the current price per person for food at Elemental? And current price for one wine pairing? I was there a number of years ago and am considering giving myself to (Ph)fred once again. We would do food for two and wine for one.

        A normal restaurant you could call and ask but....Voice Mail box is full. How shocking <g>!