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Sep 1, 2011 11:47 AM

Second Zo location

I haven't seen this posted yet, but Zo will be opening a second location at 92 State Street this month.

Although they have been open for two years, the lines have been far larger this summer than I have ever seen/experienced. I frequently opt not to go the line is so ridiculous. I am happy they are successful, but I selfishly wish it was still the relatively hidden/unknown gem it was early on. (Classic CH scenario...) Thankfully, though, the quality has in no way diminished. The original gyro that I always get is exactly the same as it was when they first opened. I think they deserve a lot of credit for continuing to do things the same way, even though the increased business must tempt them to cut corners.

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  1. That's great news - a bit closer to work for me.

    1. couldn't agree more on the quality tip. I skip the line by eating an early lunch (11-11:30ish), and still think this is one of the best sandwiches in Boston (the original gyro that is)

      1. This is good news for me too; a little closer to work and I usually beat the line by going early.

        BTW, Andy, the owner was the owner of Cafe Filenes and also owned part of Sabroso, the burrito place. and Richardson's ice cream...displaced during the Filene's "renovation."

        I only know him to say hello; but a real hard working, nice guy. Not surprised to see him open a 2nd spot. Wish him all the success!

        Filenes Cafe
        426 Washington St, Boston, MA 02108

        1. This is great news. I was very sad when Mediterraneo was taken away from me and the first Zo is just a little bit too far, especially when the weather turns nasty. Thanks for the tip!

          134 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903