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Sep 1, 2011 10:01 AM

Any others in Boston area taking Slow Food $5 Challenge?

Anybody getting on board with this Slow Food campaign later this month? The theme is "Take Back the Value Meal" and the challenge is "On Sept. 17, I pledge to share a fresh, healthy meal that costs less than $5 -- because slow food shouldn't have to cost more than fast food."

It's a national thing (see Slow Food's front page: but the execution is very grassroots, around local tables. I'm involved with a $5 Challenge potluck on the North Shore (you can "Find A Meal" by zip) but the only other one in New England I see is Portland ME. Anybody else making a $5 feast that's not on the list?

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  1. One place that quickly comes to mind is, Galleria Umberto. In Lawrence, Jacquline's on S. Broadway has chicken empanatas for a buck, a steal.

    1. This seems to be a cooking at home $5 challenge...$5 per person. A great idea and even with heirloom tomatoes at $3 -$4 per pound, easy to make a "summer pudding" with stale Iggy's sour dough, heirloom tomatoes, basil, garlic, some homemade chicken stock or water, some cheese, and a nice arugula salad with grilled corn and grilld red peppers for that amount pp. . Add some grilled peaches with yogurt, a cuke gazpacho....

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        Both those suggestions from Treb sound delicious, but yes, it's a cooking at home challenge, so Madrid's ideas are right on the money! Actually on the North Shore we're doing a public potluck in Beverly, in which everyone brings a dish that serves 4-6 for under $5 and we all share.

      2. Just going to bump this in case anyone is looking for a Chowish event this weekend in the Boston area. The Slow Food challenge has gotten a lot of press nationally, tho not so much around here for some reason. I think we're still the only Boston-area public $5 Challenge meal.

        We're meeting in Beverly at 5:30pm at 4 Ocean St (the dining hall at St. Peter's church), bring a dish that serves 4-6 for $5, use up your CSA tomatoes or your Baer's Best Beans or your Chip-in Eggs, etc. It's free.

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          I have this on my calendar, fesenjan, but thanks for the reminder. We'll be cooking at home that night though I still haven't made up my mind what it will be. We're cooking through the English cookbooks by Nigel Slater this month who definitely makes frugal but delicious meals. I'm sure I'll find something that fits the $5.00 challenge... Good Luck Saturday.

          1. re: Gio

            Enjoy! FYI, if you send them a picture even of your home meal ( or tweet to @slowfoodusa,) they're offering a prize for the best 3 photos of people eating a $5 challenge meal together: a free copy of "Poor Girl Gourmet," a cookbook by Amy McCoy from RI.

        2. I'll be participating, but away from home. Would love to hear what people end up making... I'm at my aunt's, so we'll see. Plenty of cheap free-range eggs available there though, and I'm planning to raid her garden, so we'll come in well under $5.

          Yesterday, in Boston, I picked up some beautiful little orange cauliflower that I would have roasted had it been a meal at home. Perhaps roasted cauflower, lentil salad, and baked sweet potatoes, followed by an apple dessert...?

          1. My menu for last night's dinner for two was:

            Pan braised chicken thighs with leeks, homemade chicken stock, vermouth and lemon zest

            Sautéed cabbage with apples and yogurt

            Corn on the cob

            Unfortunately I went over the limit of $5.00 p/p. If I just add up what we spent for the principle ingredients we bought specifically for the challenge we spent $5.75 p/p. However, if we include what was already in our pantry (lemon, cabbage, apples, corn - not to mention garlic, vinegar, vermouth, homemade chicken stock, yogurt, S & P) the total comes to $7.73 p/p


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              Must be that expensive Vermouth.

              1. re: FoodDabbler

                Ha... I used Noilly Prat. So I guess so,,,